No7 Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A lazy girls makeup brush cleaner...

I try to wash my makeup brushes as often as needed and give them a deep clean every week. However some of them build up more product than others and I just don’t have the time to give them a full clean every day.  

So I went on the hunt for a quick fix brush cleaner that I can swipe away my product and instantly use the brush straight after to reapply my makeup. That’s when I spotted the No7 Makeup Brush Cleaner.

Simply pump the product onto a paper towel or cotton pad and swirl your brush into it. Its consistency is similar to a thick facial toner but the dispensable pump means no product waste. Surprisingly this is simple yet effective makeup brush cleaner, a great little product for removing excess makeup from your brushes quickly and easily especially if you’re a little lazy the night before. I like to use a dry cotton pad after wards to take any moisture out of the bristles, that way i can use it straight after cleaning.

I still give my brushes a deep clean every week but use this product every day to clean brushes such as my foundation and concealer brush. I’ve found that I actually use less liquid foundation as it sits perfectly on top on the brush rather than sinking in through the clumped bristles.

For £3 with a Boots voucher or £8 full price, its definitely worth a purchase...

Beki Xo 
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  1. Might try this out, I have the Mac cleaner, it's not cheap though and I go through it really fast! Thanks for the tip! :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf