John Frieda Volume Products Review

Thursday, November 28, 2013
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John Frieda Touchably Full Shampoo/ Conditioner and Blow Dry Lotion (*)

I’ve tried my fair share of volume enhancing products and I think it’s safe to say that although some of them do live up to their ‘uplifting’ claims there always seems to be a negative equivalent to make them just 'OK'. However! John Frieda have recently revamped their products and added more of a sleek style to their branding. With that they introduced their luxurious volume range...

I’ve used John Frieda products since I was in my teens and they’ve definitely been my Holy Grail hair brand. Their Precious Foam Hair Dye is a favourite of mine – a quick and less messy way to switch up your hair colour.  So I was pretty excited when John Frieda offered me the opportunity to trial their volume range.

Touchably Full Shampoo
A clear gel cleansing shampoo that lathers up into fruity scented foam. It leaves your hair feeling hydrated yet squeaky clean without that dry straw like feeling. Even before applying the conditioner the hair feels thicker and prepped for the next stage.

Touchably Full Conditioner
A silky cream conditioner that packs a lot of detangling punch in its velvety formula. The great thing about this product is a little really does go a long way to hydrate your locks whist still providing that thicker weightless feeling to the hair (pretty impressive for a conditioner).

Blow Dry Lotion
A little something to plump up the roots and really strive to get that salon blow dry lifted straight from the crown. Spritz this product onto towel dried her and for best results blow dry upside down. This product is my favourite from the John Frieda Volume Range. It doesn’t leave that crispy, dry feeling that most products tend to add to the hair but instead a naturally soft – run your fingers through finish.

I’m super impressed with all three of the John Frieda products I tried and tested. Their volume range doesn’t compromise, giving that much needed plumping boost whilst hydrating each hair from root to end. I actually found that by using all these products together the results lasted longer than just the day you washed it. My hair is probably glad to have a break from the laborious backcomb brush!

Beki Xo
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