My Autumn/ Winter Beauty Favourites

Thursday, October 24, 2013
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So here it is. The most expensive few months of the year where my typical excuses to splurge on ‘must have’ beauty products are valid because Its my favourite time of the year. I tend to go a little crazy in Autumn/ Winter on candles, hydrating products, berry shades and anything to do with bathing.

I’m going to throw candles into the ‘beauty’ category because, why the hell not? This year I’ve gotten a little obsessive about these waxy scents and seem to be buying one every time I pop into town. I typically go for cinnamon and apple or fig and vanilla but I found this rather incredible beauty in Home Sense tucked behind the Jenga tower of other pungent smelling scents. Its Christmas and Winter rolled into one and it actually smells like freshly baked ginger bread men! Mmmmm.

Berry Shade Lipsticks
(Rimmel Kate Moss Matt 107 and Collection 2000 Gothic Glam Revenge)
I’ve always shyed away from bright/dark lipsticks in the past. Considering them to be a little too much and way too fussy to maintain. However I’ve found a new found love for the little tubes of lip color. This Collection 2000 Gothic Glam lipstick in Revenge is a highly pigmented deep berry red and leaves super glossy finish which gives a grungy vamp vibe. I also picked up the matt finish Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 shade which is perfect for everyday. It a little lighter and reddier than the Collection 2000 shade and leaves a matt finish without drying the lips out.

Autumnal Nail Varnish Shades 
(Barry M Raspberry & Racing Green - Maybelline Dark Denim - Models Own Freak Out)
Another slight obsession of mine. Even after owning over 60+ different shades there’s always that one shade that I just need to own. These 4 are my Autumn/ Winter go to’s. The Barry M nail varnish’s last a dream and the Maybelline Forever Strong only needs one coat! Throw on a Christmassy glitter clear top coat and im good to go.

A Darn Good Moisturiser - Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry
My skin is pretty sensitive when it comes to the wintery weather as it dries out easily. The Garnier Moisture Bhydrated. I reviewed it >here<

My trick of the trade. Its great in protecting and aiding dry/ chapped skin and works particularly well as a primer for lipsticks with less moisture.

Little White Lie Wash Off Lighter Tan
Sometimes you just want a light glowy winter tint for a night out and this stuff is a life saviour. It dries super quickly without leaving any streaking and washes straight off in the morning. The tan itself is only light and leaves more of a glowy tint without any not to natural shimmer.

Lush bath bomb in The Big Blue
This is my all time favourite bath bomb. It has tiny pieces of seaweed that disperse gradually whilst the bomb is fizzing away. It leaves my skin super super soft and clean that I don’t bother moisturising afterwards. Perfect for a hot bath to revive your skin from the cold winters damage.

KMS Silk Sheen Polishing Serum
This is a new discovery of mine after receiving it in a goodie bag. Its great for when your hair is dry, damaged and prone to frizz. This light silky serum smoothes into either dry or damp hair to aid in adding hydration, shine and controlling split ends. I tend to use it straight after I’ve dried my hair and before styling. My hair has a mind of its own in this rainy/ cold weather and this product has been working a treat on taming the mane. I have popped it into my handbag a couple times just to keep the ends at bay.

Beki Xo
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