Little White Lie Tanning Spray Review

Sunday, September 29, 2013
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 Little White Lie Tanning Spray (*)

Since we’re heading into the colder months I don’t tend to wear fake tan, however sometimes you just want that subtle winter glow without looking as though you’re rebelling against the seasonal change.

I’ve tried my fair share of tans in the past but I’ve never found one that gives a subtle glowy tint without looking…well…fake.  The Little White Lie tan is a colorless spray which at first I was a little nervous of the fact I couldn’t see where I had applied it. However with the use of a mitt and a couple hour wait I was surprised to see the outcome was streak free and for once… natural.

The product itself has a pleasant light scent which dries almost instantly without leaving any sticky residue.  The tan only takes a few hours to develop and leaves a beautiful tint to the skin that doesn’t leave any tell-tale scent. I found  lasts a lot longer than typical tans but that may be because it contains moisturising Argan oil.. For all you pale girls this product is perfect for the autumn/ winter months and can be built up for the use in summer. But for those of you who are slight tan-oholics i think this product may disappoint you.

Beki XO
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1 comment:

  1. Oo this sounds perfect for me. I'm really pale and prefer a natural looking tan, I might look into getting this.