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Sunday, September 15, 2013
Belif Herbal Skincare (*)

In the short, Belif is a Korean based brand who use herbalists original formulas and combine them with modern cosmetic science. Belif products use natural and active ingredients and can be purchased from

The True Cream Aqua Bomb
This cream is by far one of my favourite moisturisers from Belif. The gel like consistency meant that it easily absorbed into the skin leaving what felt like a protective cooling layer to shield from damaging properties. The aqua formula instantly hydrated my skin to the point where it almost acted similar to a glycolic moisturiser in the fact it felt as though it had dissolved my dry skin. I really enjoyed using this as a morning moisturiser as the formula itself has a light sea mineral scent that (for  me) acted as a ‘wake me up’ aroma.   

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is a 26 hour hydrating cream that contains Poke Root – a detoxifying herb that is known to reduce skin conditions and heal scar tissue.  The product itself is a richer cream with a thicker consistency. It again instantly absorbs into the skin and definitely goes by the rule ‘a little goes a long way’. I tended to use this cream as a nightly moisturiser but as it also controls oil where needed it would be great for daily use for combination skin.

Hungarian Water Essence
I’d never heard of a product such like this one and so I was intrigued to try it. A medium to light gel consistency that is said to replenish 20% of the water content in your skin. Interesting huh? Again with this product a little goes a long way as the medium-light consistency turns into a light-more watery product that disperses instantly over the skin. It was a little less instant to absorb than the moisturisers however it left my skin feeling hydrated and supple without stickiness. It’d be great as a skin primer when wearing makeup.

The True Anti-Aging Essence
I’m a big fan of anti-ageing products and although I am only in my 20’s I find them to be useful as a more intense treatment and the sooner the better right? The liquid essence is used as a form of toner; it contains Acai Berry – an antioxidant to help promote skins health. This product appears to be a 2 in 1 product that naturally separates but when shaken groups together to provide a milky lotion of active ingredients to fight on set ageing. I didn’t really find anywhere to fit this product into my regime however it is an effective product that would be great for those who like time saving products.

Belif Classic Essence Increment
This product is specifically formulated for those with thin and delicate skin. A mix of nutritious herbs such as chickweed (treatment of skin conditions) and oat seed (anti-inflammatory to heal, soothe and repair). The product helps to provide hydration to the skin with no oils, no fragrance nor synthetic preservative, meaning its perfect for those with sensitive skin types that need a boost.

Belif First Aid Anti-hangover Soothing Mask
A must have in your face mask box. An overnight intense, nourishing mask that helps to restore skin back to health.  A thick gel mask that contains ingredients such as chamomilla (speed healing) and an oil extract found in orange peel (to tone and brighten) as well as numerous plant and flower oils to regenerate dull skill. On application this product felt cooling and ever so slightly tingled, one of those products that would be perfect for holiday burns to aid in soothing and cooling. You could feel the product soaking into your skin only leaving a slight stickiness. But I noticed a different straight away as it aided in calming break outs, hydrating dry spots and smoothing the skin.

Sugar Coat Lip Balm
A sugar coated lip balm that moisturises lips whilst acting as a protective barrier against environmental effects. This product sits on lips beautifully without leaving any stickiness. There is no need for constant application with this balm as it stays on the lips for endless amounts of time. I really liked the fact you can feel the formula acting as a coated barrier whilst still nourishing the area.  

Belief Balm Almighty
Genius! I’m a big fan of multi-functional products. Two in one’s are no longer a product hype and products such as this are no a must have. This balm offers in aiding brittle hair, cracker skin areas, elbows, heels, cuticles and lips. It contains ingredients that are formulated to smooth skin and protect against damaging. I love the size of this product as you can pop it into your handbag or onto your key chain.

Tea Tree & Goldenseal balancing cream
An excellent problem and combination skin moisturiser for people prone to outbreaks of spots, acne, rosacea and infection. It contains antiseptic herbs such as tea tree to help calm and sooth the skin from redness and irratation. It also contains jojoba and coconut oils to moisturise after the tea tree has targeted and dried the area. A perfect cream to use once a week to clear the skin.

Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream
A rich and intense cream that contains ingredients to correct the skin from early signs of ageing. This product is ideal for a daily moisturiser that can aid in fading spots and marks and reducing sun damage without being too harsh. Although this product isn’t marketed for my age group I’d highly recommend it as a hand cream. It instantly absorbs into the skin leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth without that greasy feeling that other hand moisturisers can leave.

Calendula Flower Cream
One of the purist creams from Belif. A fragrance free moisturising cream that is great for those with irritated or problem skin areas. This product can be used on numerous areas of the body as it speeds up cell repair tissue in a gentle like manner. This product is so pure it can also be used on children and babies. I actually used this product after I had a breakout and it worked wonders to calm and repair my broken and inflamed skin. A little definitely goes a long way with this product too.

Beki Xo

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  1. This sounds like a brilliant brand, especially like the sound of the masks xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. This brand sounds great. I sure will try it. I love using masks and I can really feel the difference in the morning. But when the mask dries up and starts to crack it is a very irritable feeling.

  3. Amazing kit can you buy this set

  4. Ya belif products I also find to be quite effective. Just wanted to mention another site which focuses on the subject of How to tighten skin and more.

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