Fudge Mineral Creative Styling Dust Review

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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Fudge Matt Mineral textures creative styling dust - Fragrance Direct (*)

You’ll be surprised to know that although I have thick hair I’m always on the quest to find root boosting products to save my poor hair from teasing. Due to the length and thickness (oh hello!) of my hair my roots get weighted down whereas the rest of my hair has volume.

I’ve never actually come across styling dust before but it’s supposedly been around for a while and quite a few men tend to use it. But it’s only recently that the product has been re-awarded its hype badge and more popular brands are creating their own versions.

I chose Fudge’s version of the styling dust (being a brand I know and love). The product itself is set to amplify your roots whilst absorbing excess oils to create a matt effect. I’d describe it as a cross between hair spray and dry shampoo all compacted into tiny flakes of dust.

To use to product you need to part your hair into sections where you want added volume and shake the styling dust across the parting much like a salt shaker. Then all you need to do if rub the product in to the root and the dust will grip and immediately boost the hair by taking hold almost like a hairspray would. The great thing about this product is the ease to style your hair by scrunching and ruffling to add texture and position.

Although it is similar to a dry shampoo/ hairspray it doesn’t leave any powder or sticky texture and lasts all day. The Fudge Matt Mineral Textures Creative Styling Dust is definitely worth a purchase to boost your roots with having to back comb the hair and would work wonders on shorter styles.

Beki Xo
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