Fudge Matt Mineral textures creative styling dust - Fragrance Direct (*)

You’ll be surprised to know that although I have thick hair I’m always on the quest to find root boosting products to save my poor hair from teasing. Due to the length and thickness (oh hello!) of my hair my roots get weighted down whereas the rest of my hair has volume.

I’ve never actually come across styling dust before but it’s supposedly been around for a while and quite a few men tend to use it. But it’s only recently that the product has been re-awarded its hype badge and more popular brands are creating their own versions.

I chose Fudge’s version of the styling dust (being a brand I know and love). The product itself is set to amplify your roots whilst absorbing excess oils to create a matt effect. I’d describe it as a cross between hair spray and dry shampoo all compacted into tiny flakes of dust.

To use to product you need to part your hair into sections where you want added volume and shake the styling dust across the parting much like a salt shaker. Then all you need to do if rub the product in to the root and the dust will grip and immediately boost the hair by taking hold almost like a hairspray would. The great thing about this product is the ease to style your hair by scrunching and ruffling to add texture and position.

Although it is similar to a dry shampoo/ hairspray it doesn’t leave any powder or sticky texture and lasts all day. The Fudge Matt Mineral Textures Creative Styling Dust is definitely worth a purchase to boost your roots with having to back comb the hair and would work wonders on shorter styles.

Beki Xo
Bag-Primark, Tshirt-H&M, Rings-Ebay, Heart/Plain Midi Rings-PrettyAndBling, PinkyRing-RegalRose, Hat-RiverIsland, SilverBracelet-Etsy, WoodBracelet-Market, SkullBracelet-ClairesAccessories, Skirt-Selected(Asos)

I'm going to have to start a hat collection. This little beauty has (yet again) attached itself to my hair roots and will only let go if i purchase a newbie. I've stumbled across quite a few hats but unsurprisingly not all of them suit my face shape... why is it so hard to find the perfect hat shape? If River Island did this number in khaki, burgundy and camel I'd of swiped them off the shelves in a crazy hat lady manor shouting 'they're mine, they're all mine' before rightly being removed from the store.

I've taken a liking to the boho trend. Fringing seems to of hit the shelves for autumn/ winter and its great for adding texture and movement to an outfit. I went on a mini shopping trip last week and four out of the five items i purchased had fringing - i just cant get enough *breaks into song*.

EBay has yet again pulled me in and after selling quite a few things i decided to have a sterling silver ring haul in which i purchased all of the above and more. I'd love to get my hands on some gold plated stacking rings and midi rings but they're just so expensive for the amount I'd like, so much so i'd probably have to sell the whole contents of my wardrobe.

I picked up the fringed necklace in the Miss Selfridge sale and turned into a giddy kipper when i found it was reduced from £35 to £8, major bargain of the week! Its a big statement piece and helps to immediately create a boho vibe which is great for all the plain tee's i own. The duffle style bag was also in the Primark sale for just £5... Oh the times when everyone was baffled by a Primark sale yet with the increase in pricing the sale cost probably brings the prices back down to what they use to be!

Beki Xo
Sally Hansen’s Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover – Fragrance Direct (*)

Darn you hair growth!

I’ve tried many types of hair removal creams, lotions and potions but most of them are applied awkwardly and messily with your hands. This (for me) continuously results in product waste, a messy bathroom floor and a weird squeaky texture left on my palms.

That’s when I spotted this little gem. A 3 minute in-shower spray on hair removal treatment all bottled up in an aerosol can.  Not only is it a bonus that you wait for just 3 minutes in the shower as opposed to 5-10 minutes standing like a starfish but you're not left with your finger prints feeling as though they've been dissolved away by typical hair removal creams.

I wouldn’t really use any product to remove hair on my arms as I’m pretty fair haired but for the purpose of swatching without any awkward camera positions and eye raising shower shots, I’ve tested it on this area.

The can is super easy to use with a small push on the nozzle that you aim on the required area (for me - legs) and can apply in the shower before turning the water on. It disperses a small dusting of cream that is a visible white color which helps to see that you've ensure you've covered the whole area evenly.

You're required to wait just 3 minutes before showering it off and revealing Sally Hensen's removal magic. I usually end up waiting an extra minute than a product suggests, just to make sure that any extra pesky areas will be targeted. However to review this product correctly I waited the recommended time of 3 minutes and boy 'o' boy was I impressed. The cream itself worked a treat and left my legs feeling super smooth (squeaky clean kind of smooth) without any patchy areas nor dry skin which shaving can leave.

The only downside to this product is the typical hair removal cream scent. There is no pretty floral or fruity smells to mask its odour. However its bearable and pushing that out of the beauty equation this product is a hair removal genius. In basic terms... an easy to use hair removal product, minus the mess and time wasted standing like starfish...

Beki Xo
Thierry Mugler Alien – Fragrance Direct £25.99 (*)

I’m pretty picky about perfumes. There’s only one sweeter smelling scent in my collection and even that’s not of the floral, sickly sweet note. I favour more for deeper, seductive woody scents that some people may call their 'night' scent'.

I’ve had my eye on the Thierry Mugler Alien perfume for a while after stealing a couple pumps from a friend and spritzing myself with its ‘out of this world’ contents. I’ve always bought perfumes in full size and so when it comes to throwing one in my handbag I struggle to decide which is the lightest and less awkwardly shaped for lugging around.

But this little dark gem is perfect for even the smallest of handbags and last a lot longer than its 15ml contents looks. Its scent is head strong and bold. It contains, notes of white amber and cashmeran wood (musky component) all rounded off with a tiny drop of sunny Indian jasmine. Heavenly.

The style of this bottle completely portrays its contents. A dark precious stone mined from another world with sharp claws protecting its mysterious deep purple hue contents.  

My favourite thing about this product is its lasting scent that ever so slightly changes from being powered by sweet jasmine to cashmeran wood after a few hours.  Obviously our senses befriend the scent and it appears to fade but after receiving compliments later on in the day and getting the slight wave of scent every now and again its definitely a scent that'll stick around. 

Beki Xo
Elizabeth Double Density Mascara - Black (*)

I’ve been through my fair share of mascaras and I very rarely stray for my 2 favourites that lengthen my lashes. However I’ve never found mascara that will add volume to my lashes without clumping or flaking.
I’ve had my eye on the Elizabeth Arden Double Density mascara for a while now after seeing the popularity and stir it caused in the bloggersphere. A medium sized bristled brush that works to thicken and separate lashes without smearing or flaking off – bingo!

This sleek black and gold tube is what mascara is all about. I usually spend a good few coats on my lashes to individual separate and lengthen them. However with this product I used one swish of the brush per each angle around my lashes and was left with a long, thick and natural curled lash without any corner splodging, Time saving genius.  

The consistency is (as Goldilocks would put it) just right. It isn’t too thick that your lashes are left balancing clumps of mascara nor too watery and the brush doesn’t tug at the lashes which some applicators can do.
The great thing about this product is with 1 coat it already leaves a natural thickened lash to define the eye but for a bolder look it’s great for layering up without flaking! There’s nothing like brushing on the second layer and ending up with the 1st layer flaking off into your eye. Ouch. it’s also worth mentioning that this mascara is approved for even sensitive eyes.

Its usual price RRP is around £22 but from Fragrance Direct you can snap it up for a beauty bargain at £6.99!

Beki Xo
Top-Topshop, Skirt-AmericanApparel, Bag-Zara, Necklace-Zara, Bracelets-H&M, Hat-H&M, Rings-Primark/H&M

I haven't really ventured out of my style stakes at all this Spring/Summer. I'm still throwing on maxi skirts and t-shirts in wait for Winter to to dig its little fury heels in so I can throw my purse at jumpers, boots, scarves and knits! 

I'll admit as soon as the sun comes out i struggle to pull anything together and nothing jumps out at me in-store. So I've been pulling out my old favorites and spending half my life on eBay. Its ridiculous how obsessed I've become with selling and buying on that darn addictive site. However its a great place to find non 'in fashion' items or items you've imagined and are in hope that some wonderful person has already created them somewhere across the globe. And why is it that PayPal money feels more like board game money as though it isn't yours but you've free reign with it?

Some great key words to type into eBay are  'celebrity inspired' or 'designer inspired' its ludicrous how many lookalike products are available to buy for super cheap. 

Due to my current addictive streak on eBay I'm thinking of making a regular Wish List post on the blog. Let me know what you think! 

Beki Xo

Greed – What is your most expensive beauty item?
I’ve never spent over £15 on a beauty product just because there’s always that thing that it might not work for you. However after seeing the incredible hype over the Alpha H Liquid Gold and after reading tons of reviews I had to delve into my pockets and spend a little more than I am use to. It’s one of my ultimate beauty must have’s if you’re looking for something that can resurface the skin and aid in its natural renewal all whilst minimising pores and acne. I reviewed it >here<

Sloth – What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?
I have to admit I’ve tried to push myself into the 3 step beauty regime of cleanse, tone and moisturising but I just don’t get the middle part. Yes toning supposedly rids any left-over makeup and helps to remove dead skin cells. However It’s definitely not a favourite in my personal regime and also due to the fact I use other products that aid in the same process of toning so I suppose I purposely neglect this type of beauty product.

Wrath – What item do you have a love/ hate relationship with?
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. It’s one of those products that you’re raving about one minute and hating the next. It’s great for thickening lashes and adding a touch of volume but boy ‘o’ boy it’s a pain in the beauty ass to remove! I’ve owned quite a few waterproof mascaras but even those bad boys have removed themselves from my eyelashes (using an oil based product) easier than this. However If your wanting a super stay put mascara then add this lash thickener to your collection.

Gluttony – What brand makes up the most of your makeup collection?
No doubt about it Bourjois. They’re a brand I’ve grown with and no matter what product I pick up I haven’t been disappointed. The Clubbing Liner is the best liner I’ve tried. It sticks around is super black and its thin brush means you can create natural and bold flicks. Their pigmented, super moisturising lipsticks beat any other lip product I’ve owned and they don’t bleed! The Bourjois chocolate bronzer has lasted me a life time and is a favourite in the blogging world.  I’ve strayed a few times from the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but I’ve always been disappointed. This product is perfect for my dry-combination skin, leaving a dewy finish with a medium coverage.

Pride – What product gives you the most confidence?
Liquid Liner. I feel bare without it, even if it’s a quick thin line to define across the eye or a small flick in the corner to create that feline look. I’ve got pretty large round eyes and a little cat eye makes me feel  fierce.

Lust – Which item is at the top of your beauty list?
I’ve a whole list of products I’m lusting for at the moment but my top 3 would have to be the infamous Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and the Indeed Labs Set of 3 Sampler Kit which is now in Boots!

Envy – Which makeup look is great on others but not on you?  
Nude lips. With a base tan a nude lip look pretty awesome and goes hand in hand with a bold eye. However with my light skin tone and light shade of eye colour the only result I get with a nude shade is a washed out faced and foundation smothered looking lip. *sigh*

Beki Xo
Garnier 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll On - Fair

I’ve wanted to try this product for a while but with it being classed as ‘skincare’ and not makeup I wasn’t sure if it would work as a fully-fledged concealer. I’ve always bought for concealers with a thicker consistency that’ll stick around longer and hide those dark circles. However with the warm change in the weather I’ve favoured more for tinted products that feel light on the skin and leave a natural finish that won’t dry out.  

So with a 1/3 off selected Garnier products in Superdrug at the minute I finally picked it up and I’m super impressed. I decided to pick up the Fair 02 shade that would highlight over my darker areas and reflect the light. The product itself is similar to a BB cream with added caffeine to waken eyes and hydrate the skin. The formula is a medium consistency with high pigmentation when first applied to the skin. The roller ball design decreases puffiness with its cold metal ball that massages the under eye area when applying the product – This design also means less product waste! The tint doesn’t dry too quickly but is best to use your fingers to work it into the skin (dabbing) as I can imagine a brush would soak most of this product up.

The great thing about the Garnier 2 In 1 Tinted Eye Roll On is (much like a tinted moisturiser) you can build it up. The first layer leaves a natural, radiant tint that seems to reflect the light and slightly disguise dark circles. The second layer adds more coverage and when applied on top of your makeup and is rather like a highlighter and covers dark circles. I’d say this product is great if you’re looking for a natural light-medium dewy coverage that’ll stay hydrated throughout the day without leaving that powdery finish.

I haven’t noticed the caffeine making much of a difference with my under eye area in general but to be honest they aren't that much of a problem area for me.. 

Beki Xo
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