Foot Works Marine Salt foot Balm Review

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
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Foot Works Marine Salt Hydrating Balm 

So the sandals are out and (in my case) out come those coral painted toot-sies.

I’ve never had any beauty problems with my feet but they sure do need a treat before they go on show.  And there’s something uplifting about smothering them with cream and pulling on some socks.

But I have to admit, I hate wearing anything on my feet in bed especially when the temperatures uncomfortably warm. So I picked up this little tube of hydrating foot balm by Avon. It is actually been discontinued from Avon but available online from Amazon, EBay, etc.

It contains sea salts and marine algae which immediately grabbed my ‘natural ingredient alert’ attention.  The product itself is a gel like formula that has what I can only describe as fresh sea air scent (a mixture of salt, aloe vera and fresh washing). At first I used way too much and was left with a greasy like texture but after lesson learnt I used a 10p sized amount and massaged it over the whole both my feet.  Definitely a plus when a little product goes a long way!

The light formula instantly sinks into the skin without leaving that pesky greasy evidence and feet immediately felt nourished and fresh. I can imagine if you had dry feet this product would work a treat after a couple uses as it left my feet looking (cue one eyebrow up) healthier after just one use.

Most foot creams are a thick, heavy, cream formula that take forever to sink in that only ends in my becoming impatient and having a cartoon banana moment. But this light gel consistency is time saving flip flops dream and for around only £5 it’s a major bargain. It’d also be great to instantly refresh the feet after a whole day in shoes.

Beki Xo
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