The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer Review

Thursday, June 06, 2013
The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer - £7.50 

Hands up! I’m slightly addicted to primers. The smoothed out photo shopped look you get with just a swipe of a cream. But I’ve never come across a primer that aids blemished skin whilst smoothing over those problem areas. In fact I’ve never even thought about this genius little invention until I stumbled across it whilst raiding the shelves of The Body Shop.  

My skin type is dry to combination and tends to break out pretty easily. Therefor a pore minimising, blemish aiding primer seemed a necessity to add to my collection.

The product itself is a gel like consistency that once applied instantly sinks into the skin leaving your face feeling cucumber fresh. The formula is really light weight and although tea tree is a high on the ingredients list, the scent isn’t over powering and there is no tingling sensation after application.

When applying my foundation I didn’t really notice a big different to my pore size but I did notice that the finish of my foundation looked a lot smoother especially over my blemishes that can be prone to patching and dryness.  The product seemed more like a protective barrier between my skin and my makeup helping to combat the redness in my blemishes whilst providing a smooth matt finish to my foundation.

This is a great all in one primer when it comes to helping rid breakouts whilst disguising them with a smoother finish. And although it is targeted to minimising the appearance of pores I would definitely recommend it as a spot fighter to use under your makeup! Il definitely be adding it into my priming routine by applying it directly to breakouts before applying my base.

Beki Xo 
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  1. Adding to my wish list. Why has no one thought of this before it sounds genius!
    Kirsty x

  2. Ooh thanks for this lovely. I tried the Porefessional by Benefit but it just exaggerated my dry patches so this may actually work.
    Megan xxx

  3. I didn't know they did a primer, i'll check it out next time i'm in store :) x

    1. I'm pleasantly surprised by how useful it is! x

  4. I had no idea Body Shop did a primer! I've been after one for a while but couldn't decide, but now I've seen this one, I've got to get it. Thanks for the review :) xo

  5. No problem lovely glad I introduced you to a new product and really recommend checking out what else The Body Shop have to offer as of skin care. Genius! x