My Summer Hair Style With The ghd Gift Set

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
I’ve always been a big fan of the ghd brand ever since I bought my first pair of ceramic plated staighteners in my teens. Since then I’ve dabbled in their hair care products and my first pair of ghd stylers are still going strong! So when I was given the opportunity to review their latest ghd Style & Protect Gift Set I jumped at the chance and got my summer hair ideas at the ready. Plaits are a simple way to create a textured boho style in minutes and this is one of my favourite styles to stay cool yet stylish in summer.
The ghd  Straight and Smooth Spray is a de-frizz conditioning heat protection spray that you can use before blow drying on damp hair or just before styling on dry hair. I used it straight after towel drying my hair and concentrated a little more on the ends of my hair which are more prone to frizzing.You can use the section clips to help divide the hair when blow drying but I tend to blow dry my hair messily upside down to create more volume. I did notice that after using the straight and smooth spray my hair that although it didn't leave my hair completely frizz free (probably due to not spritzing enough) it felt a lot softer and the hair cuticles looked smoother.
To create this style you will need to divide your hair roughly down the middle and taking the ghd section clip pin up the side of hair you want to stay loose.
Next you want to start a french plait from the front of your hair to the back of the neck ( I chose the outer plait by starting the first plait strand over instead of under). 
Once you reach your neck you want to continue the plait until its about the length to be wrapped over and hidden under your lose section. Then using bobby pins your want to secure the hair behind the ear of the opposite section. To give the plait a thicker look you can losen it a little by pulling the strands away slightly but doing so whilst holding the pins so they stay secure. 
Once the desired plait is created and secure, take out the sectioning clip and spritz the ghd  Fine Shine Spray onto the paddle brush (which is a pretty darn time saving size on my long thick hair). Brush the lose hair from root to tip making sure the shine spray has covered the whole hair. This was by far my favourite product in the gift set as it made the biggest difference by taming my frizz, smoothing my ends and creating a healthy (non greasy) shine. I also sprayed it a little over the plait to add shine and smooth down any strays.

And taa-dar! This is one of my favorite looks to style through Summer as I can still wear my hair lose without it becoming a human hair scarf. You can also create an up-do using the exact same plaiting technique as this look in a more halo shape. All you need to do is create two french plaits on either side of the head (exactly as you've done on one side) but making sure they both continue to the ends of the hair and secure with hair elastics. Wrap the two plaits around each other and pin the left piece behind the right ear and the right piece behind the left ear making sure the bobby pins are hidden under the hair. 

Beki Xo
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  1. That looks really lovely xx

  2. That is such a lovely hair style, will definitely have to try it out! :)

    1. You'll have to let me know how you get on :) x

  3. Your hair looks beautiful! These products look great - I've never owned any GHD products before xo

    1. Thanks lovely. I'd definitely recommend them especially the shine spray! x