My Holiday Beauty Essentials

Monday, June 24, 2013

I don’t know about you but as soon as I’m about to head off on holiday I go a little crazy (more than usual) in Boots. Anything containing SPF is snatched off the shelf and all those mini versions of my favorite products are thrown into my basket. I find holidays are a big excuse to dabble in beauty products you don’t really need in Britain and go crazy testing them out abroad.

The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Shampoo
My go to shampoo that I’ve used for years. It contains seed oil that repairs dry and damaged hair which can be cause from heat, sun and styling.  It leaves my hair feeling softer even before conditioner and doesn't weigh it down.

John Freida Hydrating Conditioner
My most raved about conditioner which I reviewed >here<. Instantly hydrates my hair leaving it feeling super soft and looking healthy. Definitely a necessity to keep my hair frizz free and healthy looking.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Who doesn’t need this stuff? My hair is pretty thick so I only need to wash it every 2nd or 3rd day and dry shampoo aids in freshing it up inbetween washes. Not only that but my hair is hard to style when its just been washed so I use Batiste to as a grip for other products and styling tools.

Silvikrin Firm Hold Hair Spray
My go to hairspray. These babies come in 5 different strengths depending on use. They're also super affordable and brush out easily.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protection
CW have a Sunshine Protection range that including a shampoo and conditionair as well as this leave in spray. Again as if my hair couldn’t get enough moisture it contains seed oil and protects even coloured hair from UV rays. It has a peachy/melon scent which reminds me of fruit cocktails!

John Freida Volume Blow Dry Lotion
My hair type is thick and long which means my roots get weighed down. I use the this spray just before blow drying my hair upside down for an instant lift. I reviewed the John Freida Blow Dry Lotion >Here<

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun
Prolongs tan, soothes burn and smells almost edible. The formular contains a aloe gel and is scented with coconut and papaya.

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranite & Lemon
A compressed smaller bottle with yet another amazing scent. Doesn’t leave white marks and is my favourite out of the Dove range.

Original Source Mint Shower Gel
The ‘wake me up’ shower gel that leaves a tingling/ cooling sensation. Perfect holiday shower gel to cool down and freshen up.

Johnson's Baby Oil
My moisturising necessity that I use everyday. I much prefer oils than lotions as you can smooth it on straight out the shower before drying off and there's no time consuming application of massaging it into the skin. 

Nivea Invisable Sun Protection
Must have on holiday. A quick non-greasy oil spray that sinks in immediately and helps to protect skin. IT doesn't really have a scent which is a bonus and i don't find it sticky. 

Simple Face Wipes
A favourite of mine. They instantly remove any traces of makeup and that included pesky waterproof mascara. The wipes are textured and are just the right moisture without being dry soaked in product.

Garnier Moisture Match
My greatest discovering this year that I reviewed >here<. I’ll also be using this as a makeup base in the evening and popping it on under my BB cream.

No7 Gel Cleanser
The Clarins dupe that If it wasn’t for the scent there would be no difference. I reviewed it >here<
It easily removes makeup in no time leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

Colgate Tooth Paste
I went a little crazy on mini’s in boots and had to have this little necessity. Colgate is a well-known brand that I’ve used for years and can’t fault it.

Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator
The only product I’m yet to try. I now use the Alpha-H Glycolic acid as an exfoliator but there was no way I was bringing that away with me. So this little tube will hopefully do the job!

Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream
I read reviews upon reviews of BB creams and Tinted Moisturisers. I wanted something to wear in the day that contained SPF and gave a little coverage. And yes, I was this close to purchasing the Nars Radiance Tinted Moisturiser, except I needed something a little more matt and this little tube stood out in the reviews. I’ve already trialled it out and will be posting my review in the next few days but this is seriously one to purchase!

Beki Xo
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