Khaki Knits & Pleats For Travelling

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Clothing: Jumper-FrenchConnection, Necklace-Zara, Bag-Topshop, Rings-H&M, Skirt-VeroModa
Makeup: Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream, Sleek Blusher-RoseGold, Rimmel Brow Liner, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Apologies for the low quality photographs but i took this pretty quickly on my digital camera before heading to the airport. 

I wanted to wear something pretty comfortable for the flight to Budapest and all that waiting around so i threw on my double knit French Connection jumper. I grabbed it in the sale last year for half the price and its become a staple in my wardrobe so much so its become a little baggy but suppose it gives that slouchier look. 

I would usually throw on a simple maxi skirt but i went for 'girlie' and added my Carrie style ballerina skirt. Its a pleated midi skirt with a shorter under skirt so it gives that swish when you walk. Its really flattering and teamed with some ballet pumps looks rather cute. But as per, I added a grungy spike necklace i picked up from Zara to pull the outfit back to my typical style wave length. 

As for makeup i'm not one to keep topping up throughout travelling. The only makeup i ever carry in my handbag is lipstick (or rather 10 lipsticks by the end of the week) and a liquid liner which i barely ever need to pull out. My skin type is combination-dry and planes are notorious for deteriorating even long wear makeup, so I'm wearing the hydrating Dr Jarts+ BB Cream which blends into my skin tone like a dream. I'll be reviewing this back when I'm from holiday to give my full verdict but so far its definitely in my 'Buy Again' books. A quick dash of mascara, swish of blusher, a touch of lip balm and I'm good to go.

In my handbag I'll be taking: hydrating lip balm, headphones, a book to read (Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson), purse, phone, hair comb, hand wipes, sunglasses, passport and some snacks I'll pick up at the airport!

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Beki Xo 

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  1. cool jumper, that is a good staple. i really need to try this jarts bb cream, everyone blogger seems to be using it!

    1. Thanks lovely. I'd highly recommend snapping it up! x

  2. awesome sweater, looks great with the chunky necklace <3

    1. It is one of those sweaters that needs a statement piece! x

  3. I love your bag! :)