Hask Hair Oils & Treatments Review

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Hask Argan Oil, Hask Macadamia Oil, Hask Natural Essentials, Hask Hot Oil (*)

Hair oils have become pretty darn popular in the last few months (I’m a little behind I know) but brands are still throwing them out left, right and centre. When they hit the hype I’ll admit I was a little reluctant to purchase an ‘oil’ that would supposedly add shine without the grease. So rather than splash out on a £10-£20 bottle I snapped up the Hask Argan Oil at the Primark till for a bargain £2.50. This little bottle of beauty gold is now a regular in my hair care regime and if I couldn’t brag about the brand enough, Hask kindly sent me a bunch more products to review!

Hask Argan Oil/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – My first little purchase from the brand. This keratin enhancer is one of the most popular in Primark and the smell is incredible, a sweet orange scent with subtle hints of warm vanilla. I apply the products mainly too my (damp) roots where my hair needs quenching the most from previous ombre’ing and quickly run it under the hair dryer. It leaves my hair looking healthy by adding shine as well as keeping the frizz at bay. The deep treatment is a similar consistency but is washed out after shampooing and left my hair feeling super soft as though I’d just been to the hair dressers!

Macadamia Oil/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – I could roll around in this cocoa/ vanilla scent! I found this product very similar to the Argan Oil in giving the same result with my hair ends. Again it didn’t leave my hair greasy andis quickly absorbed into the hair. But it also contains vitamin E which is great for protecting the hair from the sun rays; I will definitely be taking this on one on holiday.

Natural Essentials/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – Although this did leave my hair looking shiny after application and smelling similar to a lime quenched avocado. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the runny formula. It meant for it to be hard to apply without it becoming messy. It would probably be best to use as an everyday leave in conditioner and best applied in the shower. Although the bottle oil is thinner the deep conditioning treatment is a lot thicker and nicer to use leaving the same result.

Macadamia Hot Oil – Again, another hair oil that has taken the high street shelves by storm. A self-heating in shower hair healer that gives a deeper treatment and more nourished locks. You just pop it into some warm water and leave in for 2minutes after shampooing. It contains vitamin e and anti-oxidants to help hair repair itself and therefor giving a healthier shine. I found it to be less effective than applying the other leave in oils straight onto my damp hair but I’d still recommend it as a hair booster once a week for mainly roots!

You can purchase Hask products at any Beauty supplies, online, Primark and Amazon.

Beki Xo
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  1. Ooo interesting that you can pick these up in Primark! That's just too tempting!

    1. Theyre great. I think Primark are introducing more from there collection as well x

  2. OOH what a great bunch of products xx


    1. I honestly couldn't recommend them enough! x

  3. How interesting that this can be found in Primark! :) great post -- very informative. Hair Oil and Treatments are great for summer as exposure to the sun is high and I do love the sun and basking under it.

    BTW, you left me your link on Twitter (@daphneblogs) thank you! I enjoyed this read.

    Daphne xx


    1. Thanks lovely. Their a brand that isn't crazily advertised but i couldn't recommend their products enough for affordability and quality x

  4. I’ve personally experienced it and it’s an awesome product.