Hask Argan Oil, Hask Macadamia Oil, Hask Natural Essentials, Hask Hot Oil (*)

Hair oils have become pretty darn popular in the last few months (I’m a little behind I know) but brands are still throwing them out left, right and centre. When they hit the hype I’ll admit I was a little reluctant to purchase an ‘oil’ that would supposedly add shine without the grease. So rather than splash out on a £10-£20 bottle I snapped up the Hask Argan Oil at the Primark till for a bargain £2.50. This little bottle of beauty gold is now a regular in my hair care regime and if I couldn’t brag about the brand enough, Hask kindly sent me a bunch more products to review!

Hask Argan Oil/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – My first little purchase from the brand. This keratin enhancer is one of the most popular in Primark and the smell is incredible, a sweet orange scent with subtle hints of warm vanilla. I apply the products mainly too my (damp) roots where my hair needs quenching the most from previous ombre’ing and quickly run it under the hair dryer. It leaves my hair looking healthy by adding shine as well as keeping the frizz at bay. The deep treatment is a similar consistency but is washed out after shampooing and left my hair feeling super soft as though I’d just been to the hair dressers!

Macadamia Oil/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – I could roll around in this cocoa/ vanilla scent! I found this product very similar to the Argan Oil in giving the same result with my hair ends. Again it didn’t leave my hair greasy andis quickly absorbed into the hair. But it also contains vitamin E which is great for protecting the hair from the sun rays; I will definitely be taking this on one on holiday.

Natural Essentials/ Deep Conditioning Treatment – Although this did leave my hair looking shiny after application and smelling similar to a lime quenched avocado. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the runny formula. It meant for it to be hard to apply without it becoming messy. It would probably be best to use as an everyday leave in conditioner and best applied in the shower. Although the bottle oil is thinner the deep conditioning treatment is a lot thicker and nicer to use leaving the same result.

Macadamia Hot Oil – Again, another hair oil that has taken the high street shelves by storm. A self-heating in shower hair healer that gives a deeper treatment and more nourished locks. You just pop it into some warm water and leave in for 2minutes after shampooing. It contains vitamin e and anti-oxidants to help hair repair itself and therefor giving a healthier shine. I found it to be less effective than applying the other leave in oils straight onto my damp hair but I’d still recommend it as a hair booster once a week for mainly roots!

You can purchase Hask products at any Beauty supplies, online, Primark and Amazon.

Beki Xo
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light - £9.99 

I prefer my face to have a slight glow rather than a full matt look just because for me It looks healthier. And its only recently I've began to delve into contouring and highlighting powders.

I picked this little kit up from Sleek in Superdrug which comes in three different shade palettes; Medium, Light and Fair. I’m a big fan of having the same group of products in the one place and so you could say I have mild obsession with palettes. 

The Sleek Face Form Palette packaging is beautiful and as described by the name very ‘Sleek’ and sophisticated. The kit comes with a mirror inside which is a double bonus for travelling!

The contouring powder is a warm medium brown with chocolate tones and a matt finish which is pretty hard to come by in the bronzing/ contouring world. You only need a light sweep of the powder on your brush as it’s highly pigmented and easier to build up if you ‘take it easy’. I use it under my cheek bones and lightly across the bottom of my jaw. It blends perfectly with my skin tone and adapts to my foundation leaving a smooth, natural finish.

The highlighter is a creamy white powder with a warm pearl shimmer. The best thing about this powder is that although it is highly pigmented it needs to be built up. One sweep leaves a hint of shimmer but a couple more leaves a more natural summer glow. I find it best for using across the top of the cheek bone and under the arch of the brow.  

And I think I can call this my new favourite Spring/Summer blusher. A peachy pink shade with a light dusting of gold shimmer that isn’t too over whelming on the cheeks. The product blends in perfectly with my skin tone and doesn’t leave a glittery layer but instead a light summer rosy tint.

Its unusual to find a palette that I like all the shades and products inside but this is a first! They leave a natural finish that surprisingly doesn't leave you looking like a freshly polished tin man. For £9.99 this is definitely a beauty steal!

Beki Xo

I carry around at least three types of lip products in my handbag and I very rarely pass the opportunity to purchase something new to trial. This lip roll on from The Body Shop is the latest lip treat to introduce to my collection and befriend the contents of my handbag. 

I picked up the mint flavour as it tends to have a cool soothing effect which I like but I was tempted by both the orange and the cocoa! Already the size of the product is pretty generous for £4 and being from The Body Shop the natural products was definitely a factor for me picking this up.

The formula contains seed and fruit oils and so instantly hydrates your lips without leaving a tacky or sticky feel. The cold metal roll helps to cools lips whilst dispensing just the right amount of product.

I found The Body Shop Lip Roll On helped to rehydrate my lips and leave them feeling smooth and shiny whilst leaving a slight tingling sensation. But due to the formula being mainly formed with oils it did soak in quite quickly and so I found I had to apply it quite often. However this product is a great product to apply just before lipstick to leave a smoother effect that would help prevent the pigment from drying out.

Beki Xo

Tshirt-H&M, Skirt-Warehouse, Bag-Topshop, Watch-MarcByMarcJacobs, Necklace-DorothyPerkins, Rings-Primark

The big hair is back... for a wee while!
I have a ridiculous amount of basic tee’s in my wardrobe but this graphic beauty has been my most worn item to date. It’s super comfortable with its slight oversized boyfriend style and dropped sleeves in which I’m thankful. I’ve never been a fan of vests nor cap sleeves, there’s something about too much arm which I find looks weird…on me anyway. I snapped it up from H&M for just £6.99 and for that price its worth getting your fashion bargain fingers on. 

I teamed it with this snake texture necklace from Dorothy Perkins which has become my plain tshirt statement piece. I'd been wanted a chunky gold chain necklace for a while but never found one that didn't look cheap and tacky. I really like the matt gold finish this necklace has and it makes a great alternative to those rather popular chains, I'm glad i snapped it up! 

I’ve also been after a Spring/ Summer bag for a while. One that would have a classic style with handles and a shoulder strap (always a necessity for me) and this Topshop tote fitted the bill! The quality is unbelievable and although it is an open style bag it does have a middle compartment in which zips closed for your more personal items to keep them safe! It’s such a classic style bag and great quality for £36 that I’m tempted to pick up another in the plum red colour.  

Beki Xo

Hey Online Shoppers, Its OK Too...
  • Believe you can’t just buy one item if you’re paying for delivery.
  • Put everything into your online basket only to see the subtotal and close the tab.
  • Mentally spend the money online that will come out of your NEXT pay packet. 
  • Use a discount code as an excuse even though after P&P it’s the same price as in-store.
  • Believe your imaginary dress is real and frantically input key words into Google.
  • Minus what you paid for P&P so your online order seems verbally cheaper.
  • Start off online ‘window shopping’ only to find you've just hit the Buy Now button.
  • Use the excuse “I’ll buy it next month anyway so I might as well buy it now”
  • See an advertisement for Free Delivery and feel the need to use it even though you don’t NEED anything.
  • Immediately delete any emails from brands just in case you’re tempted to purchase something.
  • Think that by using PayPal it doesn’t count as spending. PayPal is technically FREE money…right?
  • Search for that one item in 100 different online shops in hope you find it even £1 cheaper.
  • Too spend the whole weekend in your PJ's browsing online. If anyone asks you went 'shopping'.
  • Feel the need to buy something just so a 'surprise' parcel will arrive. Its like Christmas!  
Beki Xo

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser

I’ve never gone to bed without removing my makeup. However I’ll admit I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleansing my face and giving my skin a deep clean. So I’m drawn to products that can cleanse, tone and add moisture in one quick sweep. You know the type, the multi-taskers of the skincare world, the cleansing geniuses of makeup removal.

I’m always on the hunt to find new products that I can introduce into my regime. Products that will make it quicker and easier without sacrificing the end result of fresh clean skin and gel cleansers seem to be bang on.
A favourite of mine is the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel which is a Holy Grail product when it comes to effortlessly removing my makeup. However I noticed that No7 do a gel that looks pretty darn similar and I guessed it was about time I used one of those £5 off vouchers they routinely hand out in Boots. Without the voucher this is still a bargain product at only £9 for a large tube but I got it at a ridiculous price of £4!

The product itself is of a thick gel consistency that’s doesn’t run and is very similar to the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. No7 suggest massaging the product into damp skin however I prefer to massage it into dry skin so I can apply it evenly without water dripping down your elbows. The oil in the cleansing gel becomes more apparent once you’re smoothing it over the face and feels as though it’s loosening the makeup. When adding water the gel turns into a cleansing milk and dissolves the makeup before washing it away and patting your face dry.

The result is that your skin looks and feels softer, hydrated and freshly clean in less than 3 minutes. The product is pretty much a perfect match to the Clarins Gel which is priced at a generous £20. But if you looking for a beauty buy under £10 that does a similar job than the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser is the one to go for. A major steal at £4 with a Boots voucher and £9 without. 

The only negative I could find with this product is that it is perfumed and some sensitive skin types may not like this. However the smell isn't strong and the added perfume ingredient didn’t affect my skin which can go through sensitive patches.

Beki Xo
Yankee Candle Summer Scents Range - Pineapple Cilantro, Summer Scoop, Honey Blossom, Fireside Treats

With a new season, come new candles! And Yankee Candle have somehow scooped up all things ‘Summer’ and managed to split them into 4 sunshine filled wax works. I light a candle every evening to relax and unwind and very rarely stray from that homely scent. But I’ve been looking for something different to light throughout the day. And then I was introduced to the Yankee Candle Summer Scents collection. 

The collection itself is a mixture of 4 completely different scents that all (ice) scream summer rays, opened windows, fruit cocktails and blossoming flowers. And guess what? I’ve been burning these waxy babes for a while and they’re still going strong!

Pineapple Cilantro is by far my favourite with its tropical scent. The ripe notes of pineapple are softened by mild coconut undertones. The scent makes me instantly think of being on beach, sipping a fruit cocktail straight out of a pineapple whilst lapping up the sun. It is definitely a day scent that would instantly lift you up in a morning (not physically of course) without being too sickly sweet.  And the scent actually goes further than just the unlit candle. Once lit the room instantly fills with the fresh fruit scent without being too over powering. I will definitely be buying this in full size!

Summer Scoop. A candle I could imagine being quite a popular choice. A traditional deep berry scent with tangy undertones of dried strawberries. This candle is really one to engulf the room with its freshly baked fruit pie smell. The scent wasn’t as sweet as I typically go for but none the less the deep tones would be one to burn in the evening whilst relaxing. I’ve been burning this candle for a couple evenings now and the scent is actually growing on me more.

Honey Blossom. A classic and elegant scented candle that instantly reminds me of freshly washed clothes hanging on the line with the summer breeze scent being carried into the house through the open windows. A musky sweet scent that reminds me higher end sophisticated perfumes. Definitely one to burn whilst getting ready in the morning!

Fireside Treats. This is definitely a candle I would typically go for. A warm vanilla scented candle with sweet toasted marshmallow notes. The smell itself reminds me of sitting by the camp fire and drinking a warm chai latte on a cold summer night. A stunning French vanilla candle that if it wasn’t for the introduction of the fruity Pineapple Cilantro, it would be definitely be my favourite! Although yes, I will be buying this too!

Beki Xo
Garnier Perfect Blur Primer

I’ve adopted Garnier as one of my high street favorites. Their affordable skin care selection has never failed to impress me and their most recent hydrating Moisture Match in Goodbye Dry is my most raved about product. Try it!

But now Garnier have produced this little Photoshop ‘smart blur’ beauty in a tube. I have to admit I did get a little giddy when I first saw it sitting on the shelves and I may or may not have let out a ‘must have this’ squeal. But knowing Garnier have never let me down I snatched it up without looking at the price tag and headed to the tills. *Sings* I put a spell on youuuuuu, now your mine.

Although I’ve had major improvements with my skin from their recent moisturising product I needed a little help to hide my open pores, imperfections and slight shine around my t-zone. And the Garnier Perfect Blur sounded just what I needed to real life Photoshop my skin.

The product itself is of thick consistency with a light mousse feel. When applying the product with my fingers it glides across my face like smooth silk and a small pea sized amount surprisingly went far. Without even applying my foundation yet I noticed that scarring and imperfections where filled in and the primer gave my skin tone an overall even look as though I’d sparsely applied a tinted moisturiser.

When applying my foundation I noticed that the buffing brush smoothed over my face a lot easier as though someone had stuck teeny tiny roller skates on the ends of each bristle (strange image huh?). But the results gave my foundation, concealer and blusher a velvet smooth smooth finish by hiding my open pores, any scarring and I was left with a matt look airbrush finish that lasted. I also found that I used a lot less foundation because half the job was done before hand using the primer which left my face feeling a lot lighter and my foundation looking fresh for the whole day.

I would highly recommend snatching up this primer next time you’re around the Garnier skin care section. The price is a little more than I thought it would be at £12.99 but compared to other popular primer’s its darn cheap and you get a whole load of product even though you only need the smallest amount to get the greatest results!

Beki Xo

Skirt-RiverIsland, Shirt-NewLook(old), Necklace-H&M, Hat-H&M, Bag-Zara, Skull Bracelet-RiverIsland, Rring-ThunderEgg

I’ve never been a pretty flowers and pink glitter kind of girl and this definitely applies to my fashion style too, especially at the minute.  It’s a given that if I pick up a girly cut dress I will always toughen it up with my trusty biker jacket or some thick cut ankle boots. I guess I’m more for the ‘Girl Meets Boy’ kind of trend which to be honest you can find some rather awesome pieces in the men’s section for yourself.

I’ve had this shirt from New Look for years but rediscovered it after having a spring clean. Its one of those items of clothing you can’t bear to throw out just in case you fall back in love with again. And with this I did.  It’s conveniently now a little too big but the baggy style means I can gather it at the front into a twist knot crop top (mouth full) and fits perfectly.  They’re also great for throwing on over plain maxi/midi dresses to add pattern and a touch of grunge.

I have to confess my wardrobe is slowly becoming a party of short cut tops and crop tops. They’re great clothing pieces for spring/ Summer to wear with high waisted skirts and shorts as they skim right over the band flashing a only a peek of stomach without being too belly dancer short. Hopefully I’ll be able to throw on a few of my new purchases this bank holiday weekend providing the weather lives up to its reported promises.

Beki Xo
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