Hydrating Conditioner
 Hydrating Shampoo 
Volume Blow-dry Root Booster

I've always been a big fan of hair products. My hair is thick, weighty and prone to frizz so the last thing I want is something resembling a crazy lion mane. There for I’ll try anything that claims to tame frizz, add shine and quench my hair’s thirst, providing it is reasonably priced of course.
I like to switch my hair care routine up so my hair doesn't get use to the product and so I tend to rotate between 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners depending on what my hair is in need of. Although I will admit that I very rarely switch my washing routine as I've always thought that to tame your tresses its all about ‘leave in’ products. Oops!
That was until I was asked by John Frieda to try out these little tubes of gold in disguise along with a little treat to boost my roots. I’m not going to lie that my hair was in desperate need of repair from previous ombre-ing and over straightening and so I was super excited to see if changing my regular shampoo and conditioner would work.
Immediately after rinsing out the John Frieda conditioner my hair felt silkier and smoother than when If I was to use my general products. Once towelled my hair usually feels as though it’s screaming out for moisture and  I routinely pour on at least two 50p coins size amounts of hair oil (way more than recommended).
But I decided to skip my usual oil on the ends drenching routine and tested out the much needed root booster to uplift my typically weighted hair. I sprayed it onto my roots, massaged it in and flipped my head upside down to wiz over with the hair dryer. I’ve never been one to spend time blow drying my hair layer by layer and drying it upside down means you can get a little extra lift from the roots.
Phoar, the finish with this John Frieda root booster is amazing. It didn’t crisp up at the roots and gave a natural lift without looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge. Most products tend to go limp after a couple hours and I’m usually found guilty for teasing the roots back up again. But this product seemed to last. I’d even go as far to say it’s the best root lifting product I’ve tried and I’d highly recommend it if your looking for an inexpensive root volume spray. I’m pretty darn happy to introduce these babies into my hair care routine for when my hair needs added shine, a heap of help with  repair and promising volume at the roots.

Beki Xo

You will need...
Add the sugar and the oil
Add the ginger, cinnamon and honey.
If you wanted you could add a few drops of tea tree oil for an antiseptic 
Et VoilĂ !
Home Made Monday - Gingerbread Body Scrub

I know it doesn't look all pink and pretty but trust me you need to try this!
I use body scrub like there’s no tomorrow. I'm overly generous with the rather ridiculous amount I smother over my body and by the end of the week the once full tub is nearing the end of its life. This is why I never tend to splurge on the grainy stuff because not only do you smother it on and wash it straight down the drain but I know that I probably waste at least a quarter of the product. And is it me or is it super tricky to find a tub of scrub the size of your head that smells amazing and costs under £10.  

Until I realised if you scrap the aqua, crazy chemicals and attractive packaging you've got yourself an au natural recipe for a home-made body scrub. I was contemplating adding a mint, orange or vanilla scent but I wanted a body scrub that did a little more than just smooth away the dead skin. So taking a little inspiration from my favourite sweet toothed flavour I opted for this almost edible recipe!

You Will Need:

100g Honey (natural antioxidant – rehydrates skin)
500g Light Brown Soft Sugar (less harsh on skin)
2 Heap TSP Ginger (anti-ageing properties – rids toxins)
3 Heap TSP Cinnamon (increase blood flow and stimulates new cells)
150ml Olive Oil (softens the skin)
8 drops of Tea Tree Oil (natural anti-bacteria)

Preparation Method
  • Add the brown sugar to a jar or bowl and pour in the olive oil. Stir until mixed.
  • Add the honey, cinnamon and ginger and continue to stir until the ingredients have evenly formed together.
  • To test the consistency you should be able to scoop some of the product into your hand without any oil dripping nor sugar crumbling.
  • If the formula is too thick add more oil same as if the formula is too watery add more sugar.
  • To finish off you can add a little tea tree oil as an antiseptic to help aid any cuts and grazes.

And voilĂ  your own home made Gingerbread Body Scrub. It smells like baked gingerbread crisping in the oven and smooths over the skin lightly ex foliating whilst you massage in those helpful spices. It's almost too tempting to take a nibble but I doubt it taste as divine as it smells. Which is another thing the smell sticks around after you've washed it off and the scrub leaves you with super soft clean feeling skin.
Let me know if you try the recipe!

Beki Xo

I’ll confess that yes, I am a huge jewellery hoarder. I can’t walk into a shop without sneaking into the jewellery section and rarely come out empty handed… after paying of course! So when OPS! contacted me to ask if I would like to review one of their bracelets I scrolled through their website like a giddy kipper and jumped at the chance!

The OPS! brand produces unique jewellery that scream style statement and made my fashion fingers giddy at the thought of them befriended a new wrist wearing friend. The OPS!OBJECTS jewellery is made from soft, durable and light weight material the that is a real eye catcher and unlike anything in my jewellery collection.

I’m a big fan of studs, spikes and all things embellished so when I was sent this little beauty from the OPI!STUD collection I couldn’t wait for its first ‘outing’. I’ll admit I was a little worried about the T-bar buckle as my wrists are quite small and sometimes bracelets tend to slip right off. However this studded silicone baby fitted perfectly and it really is as light as a feather (well... almost).

Its a great little piece that I've been wearing a lot and it never fails to gain compliments from its unique design and unusual material.The OPS!STUDS bracelet also comes in black with steel studs and white with gold plated stuffs which would be great for Spring/ Summer! After scrolling through their website again I’m already eyeing up the gold OPS!LUX gold link bracelet in all its chunky statement glory.

Beki Xo

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eye Liner - Nude

I’ve been searching for a nude kohl liner that I can smoothonto my waterline to ‘waken’ my eyes and make my liquid liner flick, pop.  You wouldn’t think it but it’s been a ruddy missionto find one that isn’t over priced (and all know how I like my dupes). Whiteliner seems to be a popular choice amongst High street makeup brands but liningmy waterline with a chalk stick white is just a little too harsh and‘dolly-esque’ for me, so I accepted a personal mission to find a soft nude kohlliner. 

This ladies and gentlemen is not only a darn nude liner (cueapplause) but an exact match to the Mac Chromographic Eyeliner in NC15/NW20 andfor 1/3 of the price. The waterproof formula is a creamy silk like texture thatglides onto the waterline super easily leaving a highly pigmented yet softcolour. Not only that but it really doesn’t budge. I’d say it lasts me around6hours wear before noticing that it has faded or more like blinked away! I didthe sample line across my hand and tried to gently wash it off as well as rubit and it really wouldn’t budge.

The Rimmel Scandle Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner comes in 7 coloursranging from browns to electric blues to silvers and of course your trustyblack. The fact these babies don’t budge means I will definitely be venturingin to grab a couple more. Call me James Bond… Mission Complete.

Beki Xo

You will need...
Heat the oil until boiling. Remove off the heat and add the curry paste and brown sugar - mix.
Add the diced onions to the mixture and stir until coated. 
Bash the ends of 2 lemon grass stalks and mix for a further 2mins.
Add the meat ½ lime zest and cook until golden. Then add the coconut milk, fish/ soy sauce and simmer.
Leave the curry to cook for 25-30 minutes and chop the fresh coriander.
Stir in the coriander and juice of 1 lime and leave for 1 minute. Check for seasoning and serve.

I’m a big fan of Thai food especially when it brings a little heat to the table! Thai Green Curry (as well as Pad Thai) is one of my all-time favorite meals and throwing an authentic dish together at home is pretty darn easy as all the ingredients can be bought in your local supermarket.

This dish is an authentic style creamy curry with a little heat and served with boiled rice (in which the sauce is soaked up). I've just added my own little twist to the rather tasty dish and used turkey instead of chicken as it has less fat! Hello Healthy. 

You will need
1.5 tbsp vegetable oil
400ml coconut milk
1 Large diced onion
3 Heap tbsp Thai green curry paste
2 thick stalks lemongrass (optional)
750g skinless chicken or turkey (as preferred)
1-2 lime juice/zest
½ tsp Fish Sauce and/ or ½ tsp Dark Soy Sauce
Handful Fresh Coriander
1 tbsp soft dark brown sugar

Preparation method
  • Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan until bubbling. 
  • Take the pan off the heat and add the green curry paste and sugar and mix together.
  • Place the wok back on the heat and add the onions, stir until coated.
  • Bash the two ends of the lemon grass with rolling pin or squash with the flat side of a knife and use these to stir the onion mix for a good 2 minutes.
  • Reduce the heat slightly add the turkey/chicken pieces and grate in ½ the zest of 1 lime. Continue to stir the meat until coated and golden brown.
  • Once the meat has browned on all sides add the coconut milk, ½ tsp fish sauce and ½ tsp soy sauce (or 1tsp of either) and bring to simmer.
  • Leave the curry cooking for 25-30 minutes until the milk has thickened slightly.
  • Stir in a handful of coriander and the juice of 1 lime and leave for 1 minute.
  • Taste the mixture for seasoning and add a splash more of soy/ fish sauce if need be.
  • Add a touch of fresh coriander on top for decoration.
  • And serve with boiled rice. 

Beki Xo
Hat-RiverIsland, Bag-Zara, Jacket-DorothyPerkins, Necklace-Primark, Tshirt-H&M, Rings-Primark, Skirt-NewLook

I think I need to have a word with myself and the little fedora up there. Due to the fact its only so far off from latching on to my roots and becoming at one with my head. I must rescue myself before I recreate that scene off Matilda or... buy an army of fedoras in different colors because I'm practically in love with the shape of these style hats. They're a great Spring/ Summer hat for topping off an outfit with a boho chic twist as well as being pretty practical and shading your little peepers from the sun.

But it is getting a little warmer in the great out doors so I'm slowly detaching myself from my trusty leather jacket and replacing it with this lose khaki bomber jacket i picked up from Dorothy Perkins quite a while back. It's a great little jacket to throw on over dresses to toughen them up in all its army style glory and although it is a size too big it has rather clever little drawstrings at the bottom that can cinched and add more bounce to the material. 

I'm a big fan of the 'Safari' trend as it doesn't limit itself to a handful of colors unlike neon or the monochrome (although I'm a fan of both). The fact a big chunk of the trend is mainly khaki, grey and patterned material is a thumbs up for my wardrobe and a thumbs down for my purse. I've been eyeing up quite a few pieces hanging in H&M with palm tree prints as well as some rather Safari Hunter'esque shirts and dresses that'd be great for throwing on in Summer and cinching in with a belt.  

Beki Xo

Detox Green Tea Face Mask (powdered green tea purchased from local Chinese Supermarket)

It’s no secret that green tea is pretty darn good for you. Its boosts your metabolism, detoxes your body, is extremely rich in fibre, enhances your mood, lowers blood sugars and is loaded with tons of antioxidants. So basically green tea is the super hero of the health world in all its hulk coloured glory.  

But people forget that green tea is just as effective outside the body as it is on the in. Hurrah for those who hate the stuff right? I’ve already preached about bathing in the stuff here if you want to swim on over.  But now I’ve found a cheap little recipe for an at home face mask that'll pack your skin with vitamin A, C and E, sooth any break outs, fight signs of ageing, draw out toxins and leave your skin looking more radiant and energized. All ingredients can be picked up from your local Supermarket or a Chinese Supermarket.

You will need:
½ A Lemon (exfoliate)
½ Teaspoon of Ground Ginger (energise)
3 Teaspoons of Powdered Green Tea (detox)

Throw together the ingredients in a small glass or bowl and wait for a couple minutes for the mixture to thicken. If the mixture is too thick add a little more lemon. Too thin? Add more powdered green tea. It should be similar to the consistency of thick, gloopy custard.

Before applying I’d don an old t-shirt or wrap a towel around you as it can get a little messy. Apply the mixture evenly around the face with your fingers and wait for about 20minutes. This is a deep mask so you may feel a slight tightening sensation when the mixture is drying. When fully dry the mask will no longer feel sticky and slightly more rubbery (similar to latex glue) nudge, nudge.

Once the mixture is dry apply a hot, damn flannel (or towel) to your face for a couple minutes to ‘melt’ the green tea before using circular motions to wipe away. And taa-dar! Fresh, soft skin that looks more radiant, minimises pores and reduces spot redness. Use mask once to twice a week to rid of any dirt trapped in your pores and to detox your face.

Beki Xo

Hey Bloggers, Its okay too...
  • To not own an SLR camera. Your digital one is just as good and your Iphone comes in handy! 
  • To upload a photo to Instagram of your hands locked in a claw like manor. Its the best way to show off your nail varnish whilst pretending to be a T-Rex right?
  • To not have a clue about blog stats. Can we not just blog and get on with it?
  • To take 100 photos of the same thing just to find the perfect one to upload. Its all about the best angle, even if there is only 1 degrees difference.
  • To "unfollow" your favorite blogger on Twitter simply because every second tweet is their blog link. It doesn't mean you hate them!
  • To not love a 'hyped' product that everyone else is going crazy about. Not everything works for everyone and if it doesn't blog about it. Negative reviews are just as interesting (if not more) than positive ones!
  • To Instagram last weeks 'selfie' and forget to mention that your currently sat in your pajamas with no intention of even having a shower.
  • To be a little annoyed that the PR company offering you free power tools to review clearly didn't even glance as your FASHION blog.
  • To tweet your link a couple times a day. Just be sure not to dance along the line of spamming.
  • To take a break from blogging. You need to get your Blogging Mojo back and it isn't the end of the world if you don't post for 2 weeks. You'll come back with a fresh blog writing bang!
  • To be jealous of another blogger that's doing better than you even if their photos aren't as high quality as yours and they don't write super cool posts like you. A little competition is healthy but don't be too harsh on yourself there will always be someone who idolizes your blog.
  • To photograph/ write your blog posts at the weekend and schedule them for in the week. Sometimes its hard to juggle your day job and being a part time photographer, writer, editor and Photoshop whiz for your blog.
  • To feel disappointed that the one makeup or skincare brand your loyal to hasn't noticed your blog yet.
  • To not take yourself too seriously when writing posts. Indecisive over mentioning the fact you fell on your ass in the middle of the park trying to look all model like doing the 'Flamingo' pose? DO IT!
  • To cringe at the way some Vloggers introduce their videos with an over excited, high pitch greeting to their watchers.

Beki Xo

I’ve been after a neutral eye shadow palette for a while but since I only sweeping on the powdery stuff when heading on a night out I had a lower end budget in mind. Although I will admit after seeing a handful of reviews I was sold and very close to buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette that is priced around £36. But then my usage wouldn’t cover the cost and knowing that a lot of lower priced makeup brands have the same manufacturer and ingredients as higher end ones I went on a hunt for a palette with similar tones to the dreamy Naked one.

This is when the £4 twelve shadow palette from Superdrug’s own brand ‘MUA’ (Makeup Academy) caught my eye.  The colours are that of warm fleshy tones with a couple leaving a pearl finish that is great for highlighting. The liking to the Naked 12 palette is uncanny. For £4 I didn’t hesitate in snapping this beauty bargain up and the rich pigment is unbelievable for the price not to mention how it doesn’t rub away easily.

I wore ‘Naked’ as my base, ‘Tranquil’ over the socket, ‘Lavish’ on the outer half of my lid/ in my crease and then ‘Reveal’ in my tear duct and dotted in the centre of the eye lid. I’d highly recommend Makeup Academy eye shadows as they’re ridiculously cheap for the quality so much so I’ll be purchasing the MUA Pro Immaculate Collection providing you with 24 highly pigmented colours for just £8!

Beki Xo
Hat-RiverIsland, Top-RiverIsland, Necklace-H&M, Skirt-AmericanApparel, LeftRings-Primark, RRing-ThunderEgg, WomanRing-Vintage

Spring feels like it has finally sprung but mainly in blogger-sphere because unlike the real world we can pretend its a couple degrees warmer in our outfit posts...right? All it takes is to don a pair of sunnies, throw on some gladiators and force a 'Spring Smile' through our chattering pearly whites or at least I tried too. 

I'll admit I did throw on a jacket and scarf after taking these snaps because it was a little colder than it looks but the sun was out so I wanted to shred a couple layers for my Spring style outfit. And to be honest my little fury friend over here (also named Honey) is pretty darn warm in her stylish Spring fur coat. I've featured her little face before last Summer and since I was over at my parents I figured she'd add a little twist on my usual outfit posts and I also thought I'd also introduce her to my more recent blog followers! She's a Pomeranian but I like to trim her fur short and lion like, simply because its easier to MAINtain (get it?) and so she looks a little different to the typical ball of fur with four legs and face you see in Google Images. 

I wore this outfit for a casual long walk with the dog. The fedora hat is my favorite accessory that I've purchase this year. I've been wearing it a lot recently as it really pulls an outfit together adding a bohemian twist to a simple outfit and I seem to of grown a love for hats. So much so to add to my collection I'd really like to get my hands on a few more fedora or similar style hats in a khaki, camel and a maybe even a burgundy color (surprise,surprise!) as they'll be great for mid Spring-Summer when the suns blaring (hopefully) and your hair routine is a little more lax. 

I have to admit that horizontal stripes are becoming pretty popular in my wardrobe. I use to stay well away from them and practically ban them from my wardrobe because of their bad fashion reputation. But I've come to realise not only do you need to tell those fashion rules where to go but their 'widening' affect is actually pretty darn useful to balance out your figure and add pattern to a blocked outfit. 

I'd just like to thank my favourite Blogger Dogger (not the dirty kind) for featuring in this post and hopefully in some future ones! 

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