I've never been one to use electrical "skin care tools" as I've always thought that you get a more thorough, cleaner and satisfied finish when you do it yourself using simple old school products. 

And it was the hype over the "Clarasonic" (a sonic skincare system for cleansing) teamed with the fact i can't cleanse my face without looking like I've dipped my elbows in the sink that i thought of purchasing a tool that could help out. I wanted a manual beauty tool that I could pair up with my daily routine to help make it easier, better and give a more deeper cleanse to remove excess makeup.

This is when i stumbled upon a small wooden face brush known as the Botanics Facial Brush hanging among the shelves of Boots. It didn't look much but for £6 I thought why not? I'm so glad i picked this little beauty up!

I teamed it with my Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (review here) which i firstly applied to my face using my fingers. I then ran this baby under the hot tap and massaged my face in circular motions. The bristles felt so soft and gentle on my skin yet stiff enough that they feel as though they are getting to work lightly exfoliating my skin and pushing out any makeup trapped in my pores. The handle is long enough that its easy to maneuver around your face without getting in the way nor too short that your thumb is touching the bristles, so i guess if i quote Goldilocks the length is "just right".

The feel of my face afterwards was pretty darn squeaky clean and a lot smoother. The brush definitely helped clean my skin more thoroughly around the hair line and paired with the cleanser got rid any dead skin cells sitting on the surface. The only negative point i found with this product is that it didn't foam my cleanser as much as it does if i use my hands. Although afterwards I realized that it is more suited to a cream cleanser than an oil to foam.

All in all i would highly recommend this product if you want a more manual beauty tool or you don't want to splash out on a £180 sonic skincare system.

Beki Xo

Jumper-F&F(Tesco), Bag-Ebay, Cross-MinimumMouse 

Any fashion or beauty blogger will know that blogging can be costly. You can’t review the same product more than once and there are only so many ways a piece of clothing can be made versatile. Not only that but you want your blog content to fresh, varied and on trend. You can’t keep it that way without spending money or can you?

It was when reading some #bbloggers and #fbloggers comments over on Twitter that I noticed like me, others worry about running out of outfit ideas without spending money or not being able to afford the latest beauty product that they so desperately want to review. But also who wants to buy a £40 beauty product to find out that all the hype was fluffed up beauty nonsense. Not every hyped product works for every skin type.

Well this is where I came up with some ideas of how to blog on a budget and save you and me some dollar (as I also need wardrobe test these ideas out myself).

Beauty Blogging

1. Ask the makeup counters for samples or send off for some online. Don’t go out and buy the full sized product straight away. Review the small sized sample and write in your post if it’s worth buying the full sized.

2. Review your friends or families products. If you've been looking into buying it and someone you know already has is, test it out and review it on your blog.

3. Create your own products. Use an old lipstick turn it into a lip gloss using petroleum jelly or create your own body scrub from brown sugar etc. DIY beauty products are a big hit and it makes it a little different from a template review.

4. If you've only used a product once and you hate it. Sell or swap it online. If the product is a pump or pipette dispenser most people will buy it as long as you mention it’s been used.

 5. Take photos of the samples in store (ask for permission) and review them. You don’t have to purchase an item to write about it on your blog.

 6. Blog products you don't like especially if its a hyped product. I read carbon copy reviews on hyped products and see a lot of content glazes over the negative points or some people don't even bother to write a post because they didn't love the product. Its interesting to read bad reviews as much as it is to read a positive as one product can't work for everyone!

7. Find cheaper versions of high end products by researching online to find ones that contain a high percentage of the same ingredients. For example the lower end self tanner St Moriz contains 99% of the same ingredients as the more expensive self tanner St Tropez.

8. Display your monthly empties in a blog post. Its a great way to show your favourite monthly products without having to buy the replacement just yet.

Fashion Blogging

1. Buy it and take it back. If you want to keep your outfit posts fresh or you’re looking to buy an item but can’t afford it just yet then “borrow it”. Keep the tags on, take your snaps and then take the items back to store. As long as you don’t wear the items out or take the tags off its fine! 

2. Re-use your old outfit post photos. Create a trend board, fashion report, post about your favourite outfits or the ones you regret wearing etc.

3. Layer up. Adding layers to an outfit can change the whole look, making outfit post completely unique to the one where you’re wearing say, the same skirt. Or more importantly borrow items of clothing from your friends and family.

4. Take photos of the items of clothing in the stores changing room or on the hanger. Shoppers love to know what’s hanging on the rails in store. But some shops like Primark don’t have online and therefor posts on what’s in store with your opinion are a winner!

5. Shop on EBay. It’s become so popular that your guaranteed to find that Zara, American Apparel, Topshop, French Connection look alike bag hiding on there somewhere minus the hefty price tag. Just think key words!

6. If your re-wearing a key item to outfit post again but with new accessories or jewellery, take the photos in a different area than you took in the last post you wore it. It will add contrast to the photos and it'll look completely unique.

7. Ask for help from other bloggers. If your creating a trend post why not contact other bloggers to ask if you can use their photos to compile a trend report?

8. Guest blogging. Invite other bloggers or friends to post outfits/ fashion on your blog as a "guest". It will  take on a unique twist to your regular posts and if they are another blogger its a great way to promote both yours and their blog.

Necklace-Republic(Miso), Jumper-FrenchConnection, Hat-H&M, Bag-Market, Skirt-Warehouse(SimilarHere), TriangleRing-Matalan, TubeRing-Vintage, LeopardTop(old)

Something tells me this wouldn't pass for hand luggage on a flight…..its huge!

Aside from burgundy/maroon the khaki shade is a colour injection into my wardrobe that typically consists of grey, navy, white and black. But this French Connection jumper is one of my favorites  It’s the perfect length, not being too long that I have to double tuck above my skirts or too short I have to keep tugging it down every time  I reach for something on the top shelf (surprisingly not magazines).  

The jumper material itself although appears thick enough to wear alone is a waffle like knit and so needs a little layering on colder days. I wore it with an oldie, a leopard print chiffon style top that I thought added a little texture and pattern peeking out of the bottom.

For some reason whenever I wear this bowler style hat I always want to sing some chimney sweeping cockney song. Even though bowler hats and urchin caps don’t look that much alike but I still find it rather amusing.  “chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim cher-ee!”

I’m a big fan of the cross style jewellery, although I've always found it a little strange that a religious symbol has created such a statement among fashion and has become pretty popular. But I picked this necklace up from Republic, the antique silver and brushed gold are flattering for paler skin tones and it’s a great statement piece too add an edge to an outfit. 

Beki Xo
I haven't done one of these posts in a while so its more like my 2 weeks in photos!

(L-R) My dog just chillin', New Forever21 necklace, Dinner in Home Sweet Home NQ, Orange flower tea, Liquid liner cat eyes, Baking, Models Own Polish over Maybelline Dark Denim, Best tea from Twinings, Bargain £2 earrings from RiverIsland, Keeping warm with my dog, Honey in the snow, New favourite candle, Latest outfit post, Coffee cake i baked, Honey-lemon-ginger to cure my flu.

I'm a big fan of aromatherapy, relaxing baths and deep scented candles. But is it just me who finds it hard to seek out a reasonably priced candle that actually releases a scent when you burn it and not just when its unlit? Well hello there Melt scented candles, you've introduced me to "The One".

I was kindly contacted by Melt to ask if i would be interested in reviewing one of their popular luxury handmade candles. And after a quick browse through their site I was intrigued to see if their "70 hours of scented bliss" in a jar would live up to its heavenly product description.

Holy cow, the Eden candle smells divine! It's scented with precious woods, spices, herbs and fresh fig. The best way I can describe the fragrance apart from stunning, is if you imagine freshly cut wood, dripped with sweet honey and spiced with a familiar homely scent. Its reminds me of a cosy night by the fire during winter all tucked into a glass jar.

I've been burning this candle every day for at least 3-4 hours and the wick has barely made an indent into the wax, yet the scent instantly fills the room without being too pungent. For only £21 it comes in a beautifully designed gift box that hides the little jar of heaven inside. I'd honestly recommend Melt candles particularly the Eden candle. When this one runs out (which won't be any time soon) i will definitely be purchasing another!

Beki Xo

Scarf-H&M, Bag-EBay, Hat-H&M, Tshirt-Zara, Skirt-VeroModa, Jacket-Primark, Rings-RiverIsland, Necklace-H&M, Watch-MarcJacobsMBM3107, Nails-(bare)

Casual t-shirts, loose skirts, over sized scarves and beret style hats is what my Sunday wardrobe typically consists of. A trip to a local vintage fair, a cup of hot stuff in my favorite coffee shop, a quick pop to the shops or a stroll down the canal is about as far as I'll venture if I have to on a Sunday. I like most people savor my Sundays for doing next to nothing.

I always tend to throw on a hat because, honestly? I really cant be bothered to do my hair on a Sunday and to my locks are pretty darn thankful to have a rest. But its also pretty cold outside so its another excuse to throw on a hat to keep warm! 

My Marc Jacobs MBM3107 watch is the greatest piece of jewelry i own. I always get complimented on it and it creates a statement on my wrist. It's very similar to the Micheal Kors MK5128 style of watch but I really liked this one better because of the raised name font around the sides in replacement of the clock numbers and also because the rose gold color is slightly less rosy.

I grabbed this t-shirt in the Zara sale not so long ago, it was a ridiculous bargain £2.99 from i think about £7.99. There were a few graphic tee's i wanted but i only picked up this one because of its subtle skull design and although yes it has the popular  "mustache" influence on the front it isn't too bold! I really dislike it when some quirky trends get too notorious that they wear off being quirky and become more main stream, but what can you do?!

I pretty much have the largest collection of midi and maxi skirts at the moment. They've become my wardrobe staple. But i find them so much more comfortable to wear in Winter with not having to worry about the consequences of windy weather in a shorter skirt. Not to mention for a girl who doesn't own a pair of trousers they add an extra layer in the colder months. This ones actually a navy color and a silky material which makes it really comfortable to wear because of its floaty style.

Beki Xo 
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