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Since gaining my trust back into beauty products (mainly skincare) I'm continuously in search for ones that actually make a difference and that i can then into my regime. But I'm not one to rush out and buy the latest beauty craze that's repeatedly reviewed and splashed over every other blog. However I will admit i do tend to research most products before i buy them to gain an average rating, in which sites like She Said Beauty and Make Up Alley are great for seeking a star rating along with a mini review (which saves time reading!). The products I've listed above are ones that I've been using continuously through out January and will be purchasing again!

Face & Body 

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Wipes £3.49- These are by far the best makeup remover wipes I've bought. They're perfect for removing waterproof eye makeup as the material is super soft and moist (I hate that word). Which unlike most convenience makeup remover wipes you don't have to irritate your eyes trying rub off your makeup with a half dry wipe and finding most of its still stuck on.

Tea Tree Oil £1.99 - Natures very own anti-septic. Tea tree oil for me is my skin care savior when I'm breaking out. It dries out the skin so when dabbed over spots, clears any reddening, shrinks or makes them magically disappear! Highly recommend pooping one into your makeup bag.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel £2.00- I'm not one for using shower gels they're usually completely pointless. You lathing it over your body and before you know it all that effort is wasted and washed away leaving the scene in the air for about 5 seconds. However I got this at Christmas not only does it smell heavenly but to my surprise the scent actually stays on your skin after you've dried off! That's got to be some kind of shower gel wizardry right?

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel £20- My favorite beauty product of all time. An easy, quick and effortless way to completely remove any trace of makeup without rubbing, scrubbing or spending 15 minutes in front of the mirror. The product itself is (as the name says) a thick gel that your massage into the face - dry. You then add water and taa-dar it creates a foam which melts the makeup and any excessive oils. It leaves your skin super soft and deeply moisturized. I cannot recommend it enough.

Aldi Renew Anti Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream £1.99 - Scrap you get what you paid for with beauty products, because honestly you don't. This stuff is better than most moisturizers I'e used that have ranged from £5-£20. I found that it doubles as a makeup primer as due to its anti-wrinkle properties it fills in any lines and scars as well as sinking in quickly. I have dry-combination skin and this stuff leaves my skin moisture quenched for the whole day without leaving a shine.

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash £7.99 - Not the type of product I'd ever of thought would be in my beauty favorites  To me it looks as though it would be loaded with chemicals that'd lead me to break out but the brush and salicylic acid swayed me to purchase it as a effective and efficient product to add to my regime. I love it. Its great for getting rid of dead and dry skin cells, removed all traces of makeup and gives your face a little massage to get the blood flowing. Since using it I've rarely had any break outs and its brightened my skin.

Mudd Original Face Mask £4.99 - I've only recently began loving face masks. They've never usually done anything for me except be overly messy apply it and a pain in the ass taking it off. However on a whim and after reading reviews i picked up this little helper from Boots. Its actually lasted me 11 uses so far, so unless I've got a small face your getting more for your money! The product itself is really thick and easy to smooth over the face. I love the tightening feeling it has when drying and once removed my skin feels stripped of all dirt and grime and super soft. I also found it minimized any breakouts as well as lessening the redness.


The Body Shop Rain Forest Conditioner £6.50This product contains honey, nut oil and coconut oil so smells divine . Its been my favorite hair conditioner for years as it softens my hair without weighing it down. Its directed at dry and damaged hair types but i wouldn't recommend it if your hair is fine as i can imagine with all the oils it might be too moisturizing.

Samy Fat Hair Thickening Spray £5.99 - My hair is pretty thick as it is but because there's so much of it i find that my roots get weighed down and so my hair shape looks something resembling a pear (flat on top and big on the bottom). I like the volume of the middle-bottom therefor i swear by this stuff. It adds volume to my roots allowing my hair to match up with the rest. I found its best used on wet hair, massage into the roots and then dry your hair upside down to gain that "umph". It isn't sticky and doesn't leave any product residue. Big thumbs up Samy brand!

Hask Argan Hair Oil £1.99 - This little bottle of glory works better than most popular brands I've used and you can grab it in Primark! Some hair oils I've found to be too (funnily enough) oily and sometimes sticky, leaving my hair feeling like its not been washed. And although this bottle seems quite small it lasts for ages. Small but mighty? I only really use it on the ends of my hair which are prone to being damaged/ dry and it works a treat. It leaves my hair ends feeling soft and with a healthy shine, almost as though its quenched the thirst for nourishing!

Let me know your opinions if you buy or already use any of my January favorites!

Beki Xo
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Polka Dots. They're like my Kryptonite. A go to pattern to add a touch of fun or flirt to an outfit....or to display as your blog background.

This little bodice beauty is one of the top favourite items in my wardrobe not to mention how much of a versatile piece it is. You name it... skirt, shorts, trousers, callots, it goes with, over or under anything. If only ASOS did them in more colors. But I love the classy cut with its fun peek a boo sides which is why in this case i teamed it with my trusty pleated leather look skirt for an edgy twist.

The trusty pleated number has been in my wardrobe for years. Its just one of those must have essential pieces that will last for years. I bought this leather look one from Warehouse for about £52 and I've found it to be so much better quality and more durable than other cheaper priced similar skirts, which shows that sometimes (only sometimes for me) you do get what you pay for with quality. I hate using the phrase "you get what you paid for" because 90% of the time I've found it isn't true at all. But to hell with it, in this case I'm going to throw that conventional phrase in there for the sake that this time its true.

I have no feet because my the photos where too blurry! But I had paired this outfit with my block heeled black ankle boots. Its a pretty dressy outfit for me so adding heels would be a little OTT. Therefor my faithful ankle boots had yet another outing plus the fact they are super comfortable!

I would say this outfit is definitely a "going out with the girls to a nice bar" kind of outfits. But if you wanted to  make it a little more Date Night I personally would pair it with a floaty contrasting midi/maxi skirt and some suede chunky black heels.

Beki Xo

I’ve always been into using natural products to gain better health or beauty benefits. There’s something about knowing the product is 100% natural and has no hidden chemicals. Not to mention the fact you’re skipping to the source that is contained in a lot of beauty products and paying a lot less for it.
Following this sprung my love for Detox Baths! A spa-like experience that relaxes the body whilst rids it of toxins. Toxins that tend to clog up beneath the skin and can be released via sweat (hence why saunas a great health benefit). Everyone tends to treat the outer layer of their skin with endless amounts of beauty products but sometimes the cause of those pesky breakouts and blackheads could be trapped toxins and dirt.

So these are my favorite types of detox baths and why they arebeneficial:

Ginger Bath
Ginger has been known to lower blood pressure, help with pain relief, assist with digestion and also help relieve cold and flu symptoms. This is because ginger is the best spice to promote sweating. By your body releasing sweat you’regetting rid of the toxins your body has been holding onto. If you add half a cup of freshly ground or grated ginger to your bath, the aromas additional to the steamhelp clear the poisons from your body that can create aches and flu like symptoms. The spice from the ginger helps you sweat and after about 20 minutes I guarantee you that you’ll feel so relaxed you won’t want to move. But when you do, for around 30-60 minutes after you get out the bath you will feel really warm as your body will still be releasing those toxins the ginger has drawn out.

Green Tea Bath
I must admit I don't use these particular tea bags in my bath but had ran out of my usual cheaper bags to photograph! Everyone knows the health benefits of green tea but you don’t just have to drink it to gain the perks. Green tea baths not only help to relaxthe body and mind but are great for nourishing and toning the skin as well as fighting signs of aging and fatique in the body. This type of tea contains large amounts of antioxidants and vitamins such as; polyphenols, theanine and Bvitamins (which also perk up your mood) all that aid in helping to sooth sore muscles, open wounds, rashes, cold sores, and many other illnesses which the body happily soaks up in a thirst quenching manor.  I find these baths super relaxing and my skin feels incredible after , so much so I never find the need for moisturising after a green tea bath. Just pop 8 tea bags or half a cup of loose tea leaves in a sock and leave 10 mins before stepping in the bath.

Coffee Bath
A favourite for all you caffeine addicts…no? Coffee contains high level of caffeine and antioxidant ingredients which is surprisingly more beneficial when used outside the body. A coffee bath is known to improve the flow of cells in the skin, breaks up fatty deposits, clears blemishes, acts as a type of sunblock and exfoliates the outer skin cells. All you need to do is add half a cup of granular coffee to your bath and sit in for around 20 minutes. Just be warned no longer than 20 as I stayed in for 30 minutes and started gaining a headache from the caffeine!

English Tea & Lemon Juice
Everyone knows the trick of getting rid of the accidental orange tan hands is to rub lemon juice on them. This is because the fruit acid acts as bleach to the skin which also brightens the appearance.  Adding lemon juice to an English tea bath is highly beneficial. This type of tea contains amino acid L-theanine which boosts brain's levels, reduces anxiety and heightens relaxation without adding drowsiness. Whilst the inner layers of your skin are delightfully soaking upthe nutrients and anti-oxidants from the tea, the lemon juice is toning and brightening the outer appearance. I always find lemon juice great for lightening scars or hair dye colours (after dying).

I usually have a detox bath once a week. Green tea &English tea baths I find are great mid-week for a pick me up boost. Whereas ginger or coffee baths I find are best on a Sunday for a detoxification after the weekend’s antics of drinking alcohol.
If you guys try any of these please let me know your opinion as I completely swear by them!

Beki Xo 

Jumper-F&F, Necklace-H&M, Bag-Matalan, Hat-H&M, Rings-H&M/Vintage, Skirt-Topshop, 
Nail Polish-NewLook

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in a while so its nice to get back into the swing of things with something that's predicted for Spring 2013...Monochrome. And man i need to go get my split ends chopped! 

You really cant go wrong with the two classic contrasting colors and with this outfit I've really fallen back in love with (for some) the dreaded stripes. I'll admit like most people I use to go by the "fashion" rules of body type but why? Not all stripes are bad. In fact depending on placement they can actually flatter your body shape. 

For example I wore stripes on my top half which supposedly widens your body in some crazy fashion optical illusion sort of way, therefor I teamed it with a more fitted black midi skirt to balance it out. That's probably the key to stripes - balance. 

I really love teaming classic colors with natural tans and browns, they always seem to work really well and tend to soften the harsh contrast of the white and black. I've had this satchel for ages so much so i forgot i had it until i was rummaging around to find another missing bag. Browns and tans are great colors to last you through all four seasons and the beloved satchel style is a favorite of mine. 

And yes it happened, I caved in to the popular hat trend which i once disliked but now love. Its actually taken me a while to find this style of hat with a big enough rim....so to speak. My hair is thick and shoving a small fitted hat on my head tends to make my head look like its squeezed into the hat even though its perfectly snug. But this hat from H&M has a wide rim and larger bowler top therefor sits perfectly fine even tilted back. 

I'm looking forward to seeing more monochrome pieces on the high-street. I'm not really one for pastel shades and bright colors, so this Spring colors collection suits me perfectly! 

Beki Xo  

I wanted to post something a little different on my blog, something a little more personal with more of an insight into another of my rarely mentioned interests, this being photography.
Although I have to admit I haven’t really taken my camera out for a walk in while. Only to take quick snap shots of outfits or beauty products for posts. This post however has inspired me to start snapping away at things again and possibly posting them on here.

I got the “photo within a photo” idea when I came across dearphotograph.com. A site filled with tons of people doing exactly the same style snap shots. These photographs are only handful of what I produced for my parent’s anniversary, featuring my mum and both my brothers. My dad takes the photos and the ones with me in are less "spot on" with the angle. But anyway, I wanted to do something creative and personal so when I came across this site it fitted in pretty well.

I rummaged around in my parents attic stumbling across photographs from way back before my mum and dad become parents or were even married. Thankfully my dad likes to be well organised and therefor it didn’t take me long to stumble across the box filled with packs upon packs of labelled envelopes containing just what I needed (the photographs obviously).

It was really interesting trying to find the exact spot and angle where whoever had taken the photograph. “Whoever” most likely would have been my dad as he liked to capture everything and still does!

I’d really recommend doing your own collection of a “photo within a photo” as it’s a great way to explore old places, memories and end up with your own personal collaboration of old and new photos. If you do or already have done please send me your links!

Beki Xo

Loreal Super Liquid Liner Ultra Precision 

I'm a big fan of liquid liner as my everyday makeup usually involves the classic flick in some shape or another. I'll admit once I've found the perfect product i very rarely stray from it. However different shaped brushes give slightly different results and so in this case I'm always happy to try a new liner. 

I picked up the Loreal Super Liquid Liner in Ultra Precision after hearing some highly recommended reviews from the web (I always tend to research products before purchasing even though products work better for some than others). I was wanting a brush that was a little thicker than my everyday Bourjois Ultra Clubbing Liner (thin, bristle style brush) and that would give me a more prominent, thicker line without having to layer up with brush strokes.

The brush on the Loreal Liquid Liner isn't actually a brush at all, its more of a pointed shaped sponge which means it soaks up more product and therefor creates a thicker line when need be. It's really easy to use and only used the technique of pressing a little harder for thickness and a lighter towards the point of  the winged liner. I found it stayed on through out the whole day and didn't crack, crease or smudge. The blackness of the liner really is the darkest of black and it dried pretty darn quick after application.

Id highly recommend this liquid liner for those who haven't got the steadiest of hands as the brush is very sturdy and doesn't require much technique. However if your wanting a thinner, less dramatic liner than i'd suggest Bourjois Liquid Clubbing Liner as the brush is perfectly suited for a thin, more every day look. Over all id give the Loreal Liquid Liner a well deserved score of 9/10 as I will be purchasing again once i run out!

Beki Xo
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