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First off apologies for the quality of the photo's but my SLR isn't being very cooperative at the moment. Too be honest it just needs a good clean and resetting but I'll snap to it before my next post!

This is one of my favorite double layer chiffon style maxi skirts from American Apparel and although its one of my favorite its probably the one i get the least wear out of, just because it was a pricey £52 and I'm super scared i'll spill something on it...Although i already have but luckily it came out (Coffee Culprit).

The leather jacket is probably my staple peace (as featured all over the blog). Its the one thing i can throw on over anything and well... practically live in it. I do have a few different styles so they can last me all year round but this has been most worn this Winter with its cozy fur collar and full sleeves. 

I found this outfit was quite block in color so i added what i call my "slut pops"  or pop socks which they're actually named as they do remind me of stockings but they're fun to jazz up an outfit and not too thick in my warm studded boots. 

Hope you've all had a great Christmas!

Beki Xo 

 Topshop Nevada Lipstick 

I've been wanting to try Topshop's lipstick range for a while but £8 seems pretty steep for a lipstick that you won't be 100% sure if you like until you've purchased it. I mean although like most beauty stores Topshop do have a sample to test in store, a swipe on the back of the hand doesn't exactly give you the best idea of what its going to look like.

But then came this purchase. I've been wanting a wintry peachy-pink moisturizing lipstick for a while and this little treat fitted the bill although i was a little undecided whether i should take the £8 plunge in hope it would look as amazing on my lips as it did swiped across the back of my hand.

Thank god for impulsive buys!

The Topshop Lipstick in Nevada is a beautiful wintry shade which is probably the best pigmented lipstick i now own. Its more of peachy shade with only a slight rosy under tone which is great for fair skin. The silky texture moisturizes lips but i did find after a couple hours although the color did stay, my lips where a little dry. Saying that... a swipe of Vaseline or moisturizer and it looked back to square one as though i had freshly applied it!

Id highly recommend purchasing this lipstick, especially if your looking for a shade to match the cold weather and pale skin.

Beki Xo
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This dress is my "Sunday slouchy day" dress. Its one of those you can just throw on and feel super comfortable in but then you can throw on some jewellery or a belt and dress it up a little. The pleats in the bottom are really flattering and it sits just above the ankle which with these damp and cold Winter days is a perfect length.  

I'm always one to throw on a hat when i cant be bothered to faff with my hair especially if the weather isn't too great. I have quite a few beret style hats as i prefer the slouchier fit and wearing them a little further back on my head (the secret to keeping them secure on your head is bobby pins). This one is from last years H&M and is one of my favorites due to its Wintry wine color, which seems to be a key color in my wardrobe at the minute. 

The boots are a more recent purchase. Since the seasonal turn from Autumn to Winter I seem to of developed quite a collection of ankle boots but these are by far my favorite  I bought them from MissGuided but had first seen some similar in Office which you can imagine the price difference even though they looked pretty much the same. So obviously i picked the £34.99 boots from MissGuided rather than the £120 ones from Office. These are super comfortable and durable and i love the small studded detailing on the back as it isn't to over the top which for some reason a lot of retail shops are doing with studs and spikes lately.

Beki Xo 

RevlonDefyingDNA-FreshIvory, BourjoisHealthySerum-Vanilla, BBGarnierCream-Light

My skin is usually in the combination category, meaning I have areas of dry, oily and normal skin type. But I always find that as soon as the Winter season hits with the frost, wind and rain that it tends to be prone to drying out. Therefor i have to sometimes change up my foundations and match them to the seasons. I find that for most people they find the perfect fit foundation but the next season fall completely out of love with it. This ISN'T because they've changed the ingredients (although some might so check first) or because you've changed your moisturizer. Most of the time its because your skins changed due to the climate.

Anyhow, through buying and sampling foundations through the year these 3 are my favorite for when my skin needs a little more moisture to help it through the day. 

Revlon Age Defying DNA - Fresh Ivory
This foundation is the newest member to my "extra moisture" collection. I must admit it was the bottle that first caught my eye as its pretty similar to the Stila Perfect & Correct. But secondly from being a past makeup artists I've learnt that many ageing and SPF products have extra moisturizing agents in them that are perfect for dry skin. The product itself is a perfect creamy light consistency which glides over the skin with a buffing or foundation brush without drying too quickly. The coverage is light to medium but can be built up if need be although throughout the week i tend to want quite a light base. It last me the whole day looking as though its freshly applied and without the usual patching around dry areas. The color is a perfect match and actually leaves my skin feeling moisturized the whole time I'm wearing it and is my favorite out of the 3.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - Vanille 
This foundation has been my most used product and a favorite for months. Its perfect gel like consistency means its super easy to apply without drying too quickly. The color matches pretty damn well  to my skin tone and the product leaves a matt finish without leaving patches throughout the day. The coverage is quite light so if you have any problem areas such as pimples you may need to use concealer in which the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer is highly recommended for as it states "lasting" coverage. But over all this is my 2nd favorite foundation for dry winter skin. 

Garnier BB Miracle Cream - Light 
This product gave me the ultimate moisture through the whole day and although isn't completely in the foundation category, does gives perfectly light coverage with a natural finish. BB Creams made their first appearance not so long ago and have since been manufactured from most known makeup/ skincare brands. But the Garnier BB cream is definitely my favorite in that it matches my skin tone perfectly. When first applied it does look like a more peachy/beige tone but once blended gives a natural light vanilla base with a barely there feel. It does appear a lot thicker than foundation before application as it is more of an extra coverage tinted moisturizer but this is an advantage to using less product and even blending.

Beki Xo 
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I've always wondered what other people care to carry or more commonly lug around in their handbags with them on a daily basis. For some, its a tube of lip gloss, a coin filled purse, hand cream and the obvious mobile phone. But for others it could be the entire contents of their makeup bag along side a months worth of receipts and the odd chewing gum escapee (not consumed yet of course).
So through my own curiosity in whats in your handbags I've done a post of whats in my own.
I must admit i feel a little vulnerable throwing the contents of my handbag on the web as you could probably judge a girl from the contents. However i myself enjoy a good nosy of what others consider their daily essentials and if its similar to what i consider my own.

BB Cream/ Lipstick
I'm not one to touch up my makeup during the day as it generally stays in place and i usually think if you keep reapplying it tends to look "cakey". But i do carry around with me the Garnier BB Cream for a quick refresh if need be as its light and an added moisturizer. If anything I'm more of a 'throw on some lipstick and it'll distract from the mess' kind of girl (here's hoping it actually works). My favorite everyday one would be the the moisturizing pink Bourjois in Rose Innocence and a layer of Vaseline for it to last longer.

Hair Accessories
Hair bands, backcombing brush and bobby pins are probably my essentials if anything as its super easy to hide messy hair if you can throw it up into a pony or a bun and living in Manchester this happens ALOT.

Clear Varnish
I basically wear tights everyday and don't even own a pair of trousers. Therefor clear varnish is a must have to repair any ladders and holes I happen to stumble upon.

I'll admit if I'm not reading a book or magazine I sometimes shove them into my bag to weigh it down a little as it tends to swing around too much if its light weight. However in this case i am actually reading both of these!

I bought the sugar skull from the Lanes in Brighton, its made from ceramic and is pretty awesome! The Sally's professional card i haven't actually used in a while but i applied for it when studying Beauty/Specialist Makeup and it does give me great discounts....perhaps i should take more advantage of that.
This purse was actually in my Birthday Wish List and too my surprise the other half actually purchased it! It was the one thing i really wanted as I'm a little obsessed with skulls and the Aztec woven design is completely different to any purse I've seen.

Lady Gaga Perfume
I hate celebrity fragrances as most of the time they don't smell that great and only get bought because of the celebrity branding. BUT out of curiosity i smelt this in Superdrug and had to admit it was pretty amazing. My favorite perfume is Paco Rabanne Black XS as its a deep night time smell with a touch of sweet and the Lady Gaga perfume smells pretty similar.

Beki Xo

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My love for Autumn/ Winter means I purchase at least 3 cosy scarves every year, one of which is always (not purposely) a tartan pattern or similar. This year i purchased this extra cosy and extra thick red tartan pattern scarf/shawl from H&M. Its a fraction of the one i had been eyeing up in Marks and Spencers at £7.99 and a lot wider unlike most tartan scarfs like the ones that can be purchased from EBay. 

I wore this for a wonder around town and into the Manchester Christmas Markets in which i knew it was going to be totally "shivering like a cold wet dog" kind of cold. So I teamed it with my favorite style of hat, the beret. Because my hair is quite thick most hats squish my head at the top and i end up with this large bulk of hair poking out the bottom, making me look a little like a pea head. So i find berets or loose beanies are great to sit a little further back on my head. 

The jacket I wore is actually the River Island one i did an outfit post on further down but without the fur collar attached. Its much better than my older leather jackets because for one, its fulled sleeved and actually a better, longer-ish fit and it was definitely worth the purchase!

Beki Xo 

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