Jumper-FrenchConnection, Shoes-Vans, Skirt-Topshop, Necklace-DorothyPerkins, Jacket-Primark, Bag-Newlook, Sunglasses-RiverIsland

Hey Guys,
I'm really loving this cold weather at the moment, Autumn is definitely my favorite season. And with cold crisp mornings and burnt orange leaves come my craving for cosy knits and comfortable shoes.

I bought this jumper from French Connection, its a little shorter than a normal jumper so goes perfect with my Autumn/Winter maxi skirt obsession. Its a cable knit style so it is a little see through but who doesn't layer up in Winter? I wore it with my favorite gold bunting necklace from Dorothy Perkins which is a great statement piece.

My wardrobe is in need of more cable knit jumpers and cardigans this season especially in the Autumnal colors like burgundy, khaki, navy, browns and greys.

And like i said, in winter i seem to get a craving for cosy shoes meaning pumps and boots. So a new pair of white Vans went down a treat. They're always the shoe i throw on when I'm dashing quickly around town or traveling because they are super comfortable and easy to slip on and off.
I wouldn't mind a few pairs of Vans, as they are a great comfortable full shoe for winter time wondering.... 

Beki Xo

In celebration of my new name change im hosting my first giveaway to win one of two Minimum Mouse jewellery prizes!

Over the past few months I've inched away from posting only vintage and have found a new love for posting outfits, beauty, lifestyle and more or less a pick'n'mix of anything i want to throw onto my Blog. There for I figured a name change is in order!
I feel that somehow my old name "Tick Tock Timeless Vintage" was suggestive in that my Blog would be filled with only vintage. But don't get me wrong whenever I next find myself at a vintage fair or in a new vintage boutique I WILL be blogging about it, but its more of a Lifestyle post in the way that's its something i love and do at the weekend!

Smock To Frock has been one of those names I've had connected to my Blog through social media platforms and its always stuck. So I guess in a way I've always had a Blog name ready...if that makes sense.
Anyway to celebrate my name change I'm hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY with TWO prizes!
And kindly indie fashion, kitsch jewellery and vintage accessories boutique MinimumMouse kindly provided me with goodies! Their online shop is a haven for quirky and unique styles that you wont find on the High-Street but you will also find on Asos Market Place and good old EBay.

1st Prize is a beautiful gold bunting aztec print necklace and a super cute camera ring.
2nd Prize is a Amour silver chain necklace, a long chain quirky robot necklace AND a worn silver cross ring.

Enter Below...Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and Halloween is the best excuse in the year to get inspired and dress up! I was recently was contacted by Vision Direct and asked if i would like to create a blog post wearing a pair of their Halloween style contact lenses in whatever creative way i wanted to.
The fact i hadn't delved into my Special FX makeup box or had fun with face paints in a while made me jump at the idea.

First off their selection is incredible with too so much to choose from however i managed to narrow it down to 3 in which i couldn't decide and therefor asked them to do so for me! They sent me the vibrant green Lizard Eye style lenses which i immediately came up with 3 different ideas. The simple cat style makeup, the pretty Poison Ivy makeup and the gory Zombie makeup (Find out how to create the ZOMBIE look here). I figured covering all 3 aspects of gore, pretty & popular makeup would give people more of an idea of what to be this Halloween. 

The contact lenses themselves are pretty versatile lenses when it comes to styles of makeup and they really do make a difference to the overall end look which is why I've attached a small photo of the "before" contact lenses in a couple photos. 
When using them with the cat eye makeup you can see they practically bring together the whole look and because the makeup is quite basic the vivid boldness and sharp shaped pupils really attract your attention. 
They also made the biggest difference to the Zombie makeup as the look is very dull, worn & basically pretty darn dead and so your eyes do tend to disappear with the amount of makeup, so adding a sinister bright contact lens just completes the look.

Before i was sent these contacts i wouldn't of really chosen to wear any for Halloween but I've realized especially from the photos how much of difference they make to the overall end look and how easy/ comfortable they are to wear.

Hope you all feel inspired!

Beki Xo

Jacket-Primark(old), Skirt-AmericanApparel, Tshirt-H&M, Bag-Newlook, Shoes-Vans, Rings-H&M, Watch-MarcJacobs(MBM3107), Necklace-H&M, Bracelet-Etsy

I had been looking for a wine colored skirt for a while, in particular one that had movement in the material....who knew that could be so hard? Practically every floaty style skirt i laid my eyes on was the shorter under skirt see-through style and who wants to bare their shivering pasty legs in the cold Autumn/Winter days? Not me.

But finally i found this perfect double chiffon skirt in American Apparel. It was a pricey £52 and i hate that American Apparel is soooo pricey but i talked myself thinking of it as an investment piece for all year round.

I think for Autumn and Winter this year I'll be living in my forever growing collection of maxi and midi skirts, paired with some thick tights and ankle boots to keep me toasty. Maxi skirts have only recently taken a U turn and are less associated with only Summer. Being a no trousers kind of girl i find maxi and midi skirts are so much more versatile through out the seasons.

The rose gold watch was a birthday present from my family. Id been eyeing up a couple rose gold watches knowing my birthday was on its way and fell in love with this style (MBM3107) immediately. Its chunky and a little similar to the Micheal Kors watch with 3 inside dials but has By Marc Jacobs in gold letters around the watch face. Its the most expensive and beautiful piece of wrist wear i own so much so i wont be wearing it daily!

Beki Xo (bendy fingers)

Arriving in Brighton, Watching the rain, Home made soup, Beautiful doorway, Waiting for the bus, A sunny day, Walking in the rain, Business card from Department, Amazing antlers in Department, Some purchases from Brighton. Pumpkin themed breakfast before heading home.

So last week we took a little trip down to Brighton. I'll admit the weather wasn't the best it could of been but fortunately, umbrella, sunglasses and purse at the ready we braved the outside.

The first few days we explored The Lanes. A bespoke shoppers paradise of antique, vintage and fashion boutiques. The Lanes itself should come with a warning sign because i could of easily emptied my bank account in the first few steps. The only item i actually purchased from there was the sugar skull keyring and the quirky typography style makeup bag before i quickly buried my purse at the bottom of my bag.

I'd highly recommend popping into an the perfectly named "Snoopers Paradise" down on the Lanes. A large antique/vintage shop you could literally spend hours looking through room after room of cluttered antiques and unique finds. Another particular favorite shop of mine i always visit when in Brighton is Velvet. If you like beautifully carved white french style interiors, beautiful droplet chandeliers, cute gifts, wedding inspired favors and shabby sheek decorations, THIS is the place to visit.

Another place we visited in Brighton/ Hove was a little store called "Department." Yet another Flea Market shop with vintage jewellery, art deco furniture and amazing taxidermy & skull trophy's. Which is where we finally (after looking for months) purchased two small beautiful animal skulls for our living room, one of which has a set of teeth inserted in the back which is creepy/ cool and adds interest to our unique find.

Due to the weather being not so great most days we didn't really get chance to "get lost" in Brighton and explore parts we wouldn't really see as we used the days which were more beautiful to explore places we wanted to go rather than just exploring. So I'm a little guttered about the bulk of photo opportunities more sunny days could of brought. However we did have a really great time adventuring down the lanes, into Hove, down the High-street, tasting some Brighton eateries and generally enjoying being away from home. 

Beki Xo

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