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Summer has finally arrived or at least for this week anyway. But with it came acid wash denim & sunglasses! I must admit I’ve not owned anything denim for years and yes that does include jeans. However after needing a new jacket and wanting something other than a biker style leather or parka I wondered into Urban Outfitters and found this vintage looking gem! The fit of the jacket is really casual and isn't too short like most other styles and after comparing it too real vintage jackets it turned out to be the best fit and rather 80's looking.

I wore this outfit for a wondering around town and to walk the bundle of fluff formally known as "Honey" which we excitingly had over the weekend. She lives at my parent’s house so I don’t see often and it was a nice change for her to come visit me and the old Manchester town where I now call my home turf!

She’s a Pomeranian though I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s human with the way she interacts with everything but her own kind. However along with the human like interactions comes a bundle of intelligence and well….lots of fluff.

Back to the post. I have to admit I’m not one for wanting to venture into the deep depths of *tremble* Primark where it’s 50/50 if you come out alive. But after plucking up the energy and seeing how much it has upped its game in the fashion stakes, I’m glad I ventured in! They have so many lookalikes at the minute from Topshop to even Zara and some studded heel ankle boots I’ve been eyeing up when the stock up on my size!

Oh and yes, my dog is smiling.

Beki Xo

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I'm a big fan of trying natural beauty products. And i don't mean products labelled up in your local Boots or Superdrug that claim to have no alcohol, perfume or any other man made product hiding away inside of them. By natural i mean 100% pure ingredient that is found minutely written on the packaging of your favorite beauty bottle. I say, skip the pretty branding and buy the pure source of ingredient(s) that helps your skin out when its in desperate need!

1.      GREEN TEA. Most of you right now are probably rolling your eyes and pulling faces even thinking about drinking it. BUT I’m not asking you to put the acquired tasting tea to your lips. I’m asking you to run a hot bath, pop a 4 or 5 Green Tea bags into the water and brew in it! YES, it works just as well outside the body as it does in! Drawing out toxins, nourishing your body with antioxidants, speeding up your metabolism, healing wounds, tones the skin and gives you a happier mind set. Horrah!

2.      PEPPERMINT OIL. Yep the good old minty stuff comes in a bottle and has more uses than just making your mouth smell fresher than fresh! I recently-ish tried it out on my hair and found it to be BETTER than Moroccan Oil for nourishing those dry locks. (See Post) Peppermint oil is also a superb alternative to your favourite toner; brightening skin, controlling excessive oil and helps prevent clogged pours & breakouts. All you need to do is to dilute a couple drops into some warm water!

3.      OLIVE OIL. This stuff will be your new best friend. And don’t get me wrong it isn’t the healthiest of stuff so it’s a good job I’m not asking you to gulp it down for beauty benefits *gag*. THIS is the best self-tan remover, nourishing body oil, split end disguiser, manicure must have that’s been sitting in your kitchen cupboard screaming to be used in the bathroom.  It is extra nourishing so popping a couple cap fulls into a hot bath and bathing in it will soften the skin. Team it with some exfoliating gloves and your unwanted tan should be gone in no time.  A couple drops into a spray bottle will make a deep moisturising oil spray. Popping a drop into your wash out condition and using it on split ends will disguise them until your next wash. And smearing the oil over freshly painted nails will help protect them from smudges when drying. Taa-dar!

4.      APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Nope, don’t go Googling the diet because I don’t want you to gulp this stuff down either. Though I do want you to dilute a cap full into some water and swish it around your mouth for a few minutes. That is if you want to whiten your teeth of course.  Due to its acidity level Apple Cider Vinegar does help to remove those pesky stains from coffee, wine and whatever other bugger likes to stick around on your pearly whites. Holland And Barrett sell “Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar” for just under £2 which I’ve used and noticed the difference.

5.      BEPANTHEM. Not just a baby’s secret to a super soft butt or the preferred cream for healing tattoos. This stuff is a lip primer, healing cream, cuticle softener and eye shadow primer in disguise! Use it on its own to super soften lips or just before popping on your favourite bold lipstick to prep for the colour block by filling in the gaps and smoothing out that pout! Also great when manicuring those phalanges to weaken those pesky cuticles before pushing them down. Or pop it in your makeup bag to use as a primer when wanting eye shadow to stay put and glossy.
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