Moroccan Oil has been well known in the blogging world for a while now and if you've tried it i think you'll agree it should be renamed the "Miracle Oil" for hair. However the price tag isn't so much of a miracle.

But pushing aside the affordability of the product I've always liked to use natural home remedies that come straight from the source, skipping the extra ingredients that is added to products for smell and texture. Such things as bicarbonate of Soda used in tooth paste and olive oil used in certain types of hair masks.

And so that is where i found THIS little gem. Being a fan of "natural products" i researched a couple pure oils i can use on my then dry hair. And after a couple clicks on the internet i found that Peppermint oil kept cropping up and with a £4.99 price tag i hopped down to Holland And Barrett's to try it out.

I already knew the smell would be a fresh aroma but after popping a couple drops into my conditioner (always dilute) and leaving it on for 5mins whilst my head tingled like a Trebor mint the result is unbelievable. My split ends look almost gone, my hair feels incredibly soft and it also gave it a great shine. Id definitely go as far as saying it probably betters Moroccan Oil in affordability, smell and result!

Beki Xo

Home made red wine casserole. Wednesday Mojito's. A good makeup day. My dog smiling. Donning wellingtons for last weeks rain. Manchester NQ in the sun. Home made greek pizza. My sad "please" face. Northern Quarter street art. ChelseaDoll competition bracelet. Manchester sunset. Last weeks outfit post.

I had a great week last week making home made pizza's, splashing in puddles like a big kid and midweek drinking of mojito's and cider. However i have a confession  (which Im sure every girl does) that after rifling through my wardrobe to try and become at least a "little" organised. I found shoes, clothes and jewellery, still with their tags attached and unworn. And because of this i have now banned myself from buying any new clothes untill Ive worn these items at least twice. *rushes to put them all on and off and on and off* But to also post a couple outfits with them too! Because although they seem to have been forgotten easily i am so glad i found them!

I hope to stick by my "no buying till you've tried twice" rule - however i have never accomplished this in the past so i may "accidently" forget and fail.

Jacket-Primark, Necklace-H&M, Tshirt-H&M, Beetle Ring-Asos, Skull Bracelet-ChelseaDoll, Peace Bracelets-Asos, Studded Belt-Topshop, Snood-UrbanOutfitters, Sunglasses-Vintage, NailPolish-CiatePomPom

For the past couple weekends I've been everywhere but home, so this weekend it was actually nice to just laze around for pretty much two days straight with the odd quick shopping trip into town and online.
 Speaking of online i recently discovered a few sites which i'd never heard of untill i stumbled upon them whilst looking for cross necklaces. One of them was NastyGal , an affordable retail site with a beautiful vintage section in which i pretty much loved everything and have eyed a few pieces id let to get when the weathers playing nice! Another retail site i stumbled upon was Nelly. The prices on the site are unbelievably cheap for lookalike fashion as well as their interesting and unusual jewellery collection in which il probably grab a few pieces from this month. The last site i stumbled upon was an incredible shoe site called ChockersShoes. It has every kind of shoe from flatforms - slippers - decks - pumps - loafers for similar prices to Deichmann.

 Anyhoo my recent outfit post is a little more rock chick with a laid back twist due to the fact the weather has been so up and down. Its a great outfit to layer up with a jacket and scarf or as i did a snood but then when the sun comes you can whip off your winter clothes (In a less seductive way than it sounds) and still look put together. The Tshirt is super comfortable and could be worn without the belt and teamed with white pumps for a "laid back" style!

Beki Xo

 (Stripey Jumper - F&F, Leopard Bow Tee - Glamourous, Gold Necklace - H&M, Skull Bracelet - ChelseaDoll, Nail Polish - BarryM, Shoes - F&F, White Pumps - Primark, White TShirt - H&M, Grey Dress - Primark)

Apologies! Its been a while since i last blogged due to many reasons but mainly I've been way too busy and flu-ridden!
However here i am back again and even with the forever changing weather i have managed to have a little shopping spree that can be styled easily in warm or cold weather. I did want to dip deep into the pastel trend for spring but to be honest Ive began to realize it really isn't me and sticking to what i know my new purchases do consist of black, grey, maroon and white!

For when its a little more breezy out, Im liking the laid back kind of style thats pretty darn comfortable which when its warm out there is nothing worse than going by "fashion over comfort" and so this style is great! The colourful bracelet i actually won in a ChelseaDoll competition and teamed with other bangles  it a pop of colour that brightens up my outfits.

Speaking of which the sun is continously teasing us with its raise and so when the sunshine does decide to stay around a little longer im looking forward to teaming my recent purchases with some summer-slips, jersey midi's and slouchy maxi's. Al in which il be doing a post on my WishList for my most wanted midi and slip dresses and hopefully purchasing when payday arrives! Hurry Hurry.....

Beki Xo 
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