I don't know about you, but Im always curious of the lifestyle behind the person who owns a blog. You could call it being a nosy or a little curious. Anyway this weekend i unfortunately yet interestingly forgot to take my camera as well as suitable clothing to my parents when i really wanted to do an outfit post.

However fear not, i had a great idea to introduce a little of my life in the space of a week. A week that just happened to result a lot of cold ciders and plenty of sunbathing as well as online shopping for something a little brighter with a touch of pastel.

Ive actually changed my mind about the pastel trend i usually stick to what i know best as pastels can tend to give your skin that "wishy washy" look. Nonetheless after buying a couple accessories to brighten up my outfit and browsing online ive been converted (My WishList Post) So once pay day arrives there will be an interesting blog post coming up! 

Makeup - Blusher-Vivo Sweet Peach(Tesco), Foundation-Bourjois Healthy Mix Syrum, Concealer-Collection2000, Bronzer-Bourjois Medium, Liner-Rimmel Glam Eyes, Mascara-Avon
Clothes - Skirt-Topshop, TShirt-Newlook, Necklace-Vintage, Bag-Ebay, Belt-Primark, Ring-Matalan, Bracelet-Urban Outfitters, Nail Polish-MUA

Hello again! It seems im getting the hang of this whole outfit post blogging malarkey and Im rather enjoying it so ive swung with the phrase "two birds one stone" and im also going to post my everyday makeup.....
And YES, ive finally caved in to the one of the Spring trends (being pastels) well....of course in my own way by accessorizing. As i've said before Im not really one for full brights its a little twist on the spring trend.
 And boy'o'boy i am glad i got my hands on some pastels, they immediately brighten up any outfit without being too in your face (for me anyway). And as well as adding that pop of colour, Spring accessories are great for breaking up outfits and adding a little ray of sunshine to your wardrobe.
Due to the fact ive added a girlie dash of colour in my nails and accessories, ive teamed it with something a little rough and tough, that being anything leather, studs, boyish or ripped...introducing my rather large handbag just to add a mix of style.
The skirt is from TopShop and is a waterfall cut which ive grown to love as they appear a little more Spring/Summer with their floaty swish style even in dark colors and are pretty much every where right now and im desperate to get my hands on more colours!

Beki Xo

Dress - Vintage, Cross Bracelet - urban Outitters, Belt - Dorothy Perkins, Octopus Ring - Liverpool Markt, Bag - Ebay, Nail Polish - MUA Lilac

Polka dots, Leopard print & an Octopus.
Looking through my wardrobe for something to post I realized I'm a little dotty for polka dots and so i figured it would fit perfectly for my 2nd post and voila.... I went for the classier polka dot dress out of an embarrassingly high number of 6 similar patterned dresses. The dress is a favorite of mine, being a classic color, cut and perfect fit for a reworked vintage piece. You can never go wrong adding a classic brown or rockabilly red belt with a polka dot dress but i love leopard print so i guess its a little twist on the usual colors and adds a break up pattern clash. Speaking of clashing, how awesome is the red octopus ring? I eyed it up in Liverpool Market and couldn't wait to get my hands on it at just £8!

My bag was a yet another bargain off eBay and is one of my most complimented bags. People are actually surprised at the £14.99 price tag too. Its basically my every day as it goes with 98% of my wardrobe (also in the post below) and the fact I can fit a whole load of junk in it is a plus for every girl - i think!

Like i said in my last post i find it hard to wear springs pastels and brights and so love the fact i can wear accessories, nail polish and makeup...in which i think il do something inspired by spring in my next post...
Beki XO
Top - Primark, Skirt - Topshop, Bag - Ebay, Necklace - Topshop, Jacket - Primark, Letter Ring - ThunderEgg, Triangle Ring - Matalan, Nails - NailRock 

Finally I know!
I spend half my time looking through other Blogs for outfit ideas and the other half contemplating and saying i should do my own. So i guess its time to shut up and post it. It took a while to pluck up the courage, grab my SLR and try to "strike a pose" but i thought to hell with it and here it is!
Im all for vintage clothing but i do tend to shop a lot on the high-street, just because i know i can find exactly what i need and where it is. And with me being a newbie to this i figured for my first post id pull out some clothes that id bought recently and that are hanging on the retail rails right now so you guys can find it....if you like it of course. This outfit i find is my cross over Winter/Spring, Im not one for full brights or pastels and so tend to stick with what i know best and that can be worn wraped up with accessories in Winter or less is more in Spring.

Beki XO
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