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Sunday, December 09, 2012
Bag-Zara, Perfume-LadyGaGa, Gloves-MissSelfridge, Purse-LoungeFly, Phonecase-PrestigePrinting, Lipgloss-Missguided, Lipsticks-Rimmel(TellNoOne)-Maxfactor(PinkBrandy)-Bourjois(RoseInnocence), Brush-Primark, Varnish-MissSporty, Hand Sanitiser-Carex

I've always wondered what other people care to carry or more commonly lug around in their handbags with them on a daily basis. For some, its a tube of lip gloss, a coin filled purse, hand cream and the obvious mobile phone. But for others it could be the entire contents of their makeup bag along side a months worth of receipts and the odd chewing gum escapee (not consumed yet of course).
So through my own curiosity in whats in your handbags I've done a post of whats in my own.
I must admit i feel a little vulnerable throwing the contents of my handbag on the web as you could probably judge a girl from the contents. However i myself enjoy a good nosy of what others consider their daily essentials and if its similar to what i consider my own.

BB Cream/ Lipstick
I'm not one to touch up my makeup during the day as it generally stays in place and i usually think if you keep reapplying it tends to look "cakey". But i do carry around with me the Garnier BB Cream for a quick refresh if need be as its light and an added moisturizer. If anything I'm more of a 'throw on some lipstick and it'll distract from the mess' kind of girl (here's hoping it actually works). My favorite everyday one would be the the moisturizing pink Bourjois in Rose Innocence and a layer of Vaseline for it to last longer.

Hair Accessories
Hair bands, backcombing brush and bobby pins are probably my essentials if anything as its super easy to hide messy hair if you can throw it up into a pony or a bun and living in Manchester this happens ALOT.

Clear Varnish
I basically wear tights everyday and don't even own a pair of trousers. Therefor clear varnish is a must have to repair any ladders and holes I happen to stumble upon.

I'll admit if I'm not reading a book or magazine I sometimes shove them into my bag to weigh it down a little as it tends to swing around too much if its light weight. However in this case i am actually reading both of these!

I bought the sugar skull from the Lanes in Brighton, its made from ceramic and is pretty awesome! The Sally's professional card i haven't actually used in a while but i applied for it when studying Beauty/Specialist Makeup and it does give me great discounts....perhaps i should take more advantage of that.
This purse was actually in my Birthday Wish List and too my surprise the other half actually purchased it! It was the one thing i really wanted as I'm a little obsessed with skulls and the Aztec woven design is completely different to any purse I've seen.

Lady Gaga Perfume
I hate celebrity fragrances as most of the time they don't smell that great and only get bought because of the celebrity branding. BUT out of curiosity i smelt this in Superdrug and had to admit it was pretty amazing. My favorite perfume is Paco Rabanne Black XS as its a deep night time smell with a touch of sweet and the Lady Gaga perfume smells pretty similar.

Beki Xo

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  1. I love these post - it always interests me to see what other people carry. You seem to have the perfect amount - I go from carrying nothing to carrying everything. Need to find a good balance.

    LaceyLoves x

    1. I must admit my lipsticks range from 2-6 different ones depending if I forget and throw another then another in. :) x

  2. Your purse and phone case are so cool, intrigued by the purse being made of ceramics, is it quite solid? :) x