My Top 3 Foundations For Winter

Thursday, December 13, 2012

RevlonDefyingDNA-FreshIvory, BourjoisHealthySerum-Vanilla, BBGarnierCream-Light

My skin is usually in the combination category, meaning I have areas of dry, oily and normal skin type. But I always find that as soon as the Winter season hits with the frost, wind and rain that it tends to be prone to drying out. Therefor i have to sometimes change up my foundations and match them to the seasons. I find that for most people they find the perfect fit foundation but the next season fall completely out of love with it. This ISN'T because they've changed the ingredients (although some might so check first) or because you've changed your moisturizer. Most of the time its because your skins changed due to the climate.

Anyhow, through buying and sampling foundations through the year these 3 are my favorite for when my skin needs a little more moisture to help it through the day. 

Revlon Age Defying DNA - Fresh Ivory
This foundation is the newest member to my "extra moisture" collection. I must admit it was the bottle that first caught my eye as its pretty similar to the Stila Perfect & Correct. But secondly from being a past makeup artists I've learnt that many ageing and SPF products have extra moisturizing agents in them that are perfect for dry skin. The product itself is a perfect creamy light consistency which glides over the skin with a buffing or foundation brush without drying too quickly. The coverage is light to medium but can be built up if need be although throughout the week i tend to want quite a light base. It last me the whole day looking as though its freshly applied and without the usual patching around dry areas. The color is a perfect match and actually leaves my skin feeling moisturized the whole time I'm wearing it and is my favorite out of the 3.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - Vanille 
This foundation has been my most used product and a favorite for months. Its perfect gel like consistency means its super easy to apply without drying too quickly. The color matches pretty damn well  to my skin tone and the product leaves a matt finish without leaving patches throughout the day. The coverage is quite light so if you have any problem areas such as pimples you may need to use concealer in which the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer is highly recommended for as it states "lasting" coverage. But over all this is my 2nd favorite foundation for dry winter skin. 

Garnier BB Miracle Cream - Light 
This product gave me the ultimate moisture through the whole day and although isn't completely in the foundation category, does gives perfectly light coverage with a natural finish. BB Creams made their first appearance not so long ago and have since been manufactured from most known makeup/ skincare brands. But the Garnier BB cream is definitely my favorite in that it matches my skin tone perfectly. When first applied it does look like a more peachy/beige tone but once blended gives a natural light vanilla base with a barely there feel. It does appear a lot thicker than foundation before application as it is more of an extra coverage tinted moisturizer but this is an advantage to using less product and even blending.

Beki Xo 
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  1. I've recently started using revolt and actually really love their stuff!!! Xx

    1. Revlon is my ultimate wearing foundation at the minute, its the perfect match and great to use throughout winter x

  2. I have the Bourjois healthy mix and it's definitely one of my current favourites, it's actually one that goes pale enough for my skintone. xo

    1. Bourjois have the best variety foundations for paler skin tones and they match perfectly. Not too pricey either. x

  3. Always wanted to try the Garnier BB cream. My favourite foundation all year round is Clarins!


    1. Clarins is one of my favourite skin case brands, i absalootly love their Gel Cleanser. z

  4. healthy mix serum is one of my favorites its sooo nice and doesnt cling to dry patches one of my favorites
    im so happy you found my blog so in turn i found yours ahhh i love your blog so much! and you're adorable!