Rediscovering Claire's Accessories Jewellery

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Skulls, Crosses, Peace signs, statement necklaces and metallic touches, Claire's Accessories has stepped up its game and they kindly sent a package filled with just a few exciting pieces from their large jewellery collection. But this was only after I had taken a trip to the shop to pick up my usual essentials and ended up buying a hoard of skull, cross and turquoise stone jewellery which i tweeted about.

Claire's Accessories is probably know to most of us as the teenage hangout we all use to go to grab our rebel wearing school accessories or quirky stationary years ago and i have to admit I've never thought different until i had a proper look around and realized how much its change and if you like "grown up".

A lot of the jewellery are seasonal must haves and trend setters like popular detailing of spikes, skulls, flowers, peace signs, turquoise, crosses and tribal patterned pieces. They've covered it all from girlie to grunge with some unique pieces in between like the bow bracelet in a rosy gold colour.

I was surprised when i'd received the package of how much stuff they'd actually sent me, not to mention that a lot of the piece where what i had been eyeing up in the shop already. A couple of my favourite pieces are the turquoise stone peace chain and the spike and skull earrings not the mention the statement nude flower necklace, this was actually the first piece i wore with a white polka dot top, its a plain style top so this necklace added detail and attention.

I'm always one for changing my style so the fact they sent me a mixture of "pretty" and "hippie" and "grunge" is pretty darn great to go with my ever changing wardrobe!

Beki Xo
Disclaimer: As a perk of being a blogger I am sometimes offered free items in exchange for a review or product placement on my blog. However, I am very selective when it comes to accepting free items because i would only feature something on my blog which I myself would purchase or that I think positively about.
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  1. I really like some of the stuff Claires have in! Their nail varnish sets are great!

  2. Great items, very versatile!

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