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Sunday, October 07, 2012
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Arriving in Brighton, Watching the rain, Home made soup, Beautiful doorway, Waiting for the bus, A sunny day, Walking in the rain, Business card from Department, Amazing antlers in Department, Some purchases from Brighton. Pumpkin themed breakfast before heading home.

So last week we took a little trip down to Brighton. I'll admit the weather wasn't the best it could of been but fortunately, umbrella, sunglasses and purse at the ready we braved the outside.

The first few days we explored The Lanes. A bespoke shoppers paradise of antique, vintage and fashion boutiques. The Lanes itself should come with a warning sign because i could of easily emptied my bank account in the first few steps. The only item i actually purchased from there was the sugar skull keyring and the quirky typography style makeup bag before i quickly buried my purse at the bottom of my bag.

I'd highly recommend popping into an the perfectly named "Snoopers Paradise" down on the Lanes. A large antique/vintage shop you could literally spend hours looking through room after room of cluttered antiques and unique finds. Another particular favorite shop of mine i always visit when in Brighton is Velvet. If you like beautifully carved white french style interiors, beautiful droplet chandeliers, cute gifts, wedding inspired favors and shabby sheek decorations, THIS is the place to visit.

Another place we visited in Brighton/ Hove was a little store called "Department." Yet another Flea Market shop with vintage jewellery, art deco furniture and amazing taxidermy & skull trophy's. Which is where we finally (after looking for months) purchased two small beautiful animal skulls for our living room, one of which has a set of teeth inserted in the back which is creepy/ cool and adds interest to our unique find.

Due to the weather being not so great most days we didn't really get chance to "get lost" in Brighton and explore parts we wouldn't really see as we used the days which were more beautiful to explore places we wanted to go rather than just exploring. So I'm a little guttered about the bulk of photo opportunities more sunny days could of brought. However we did have a really great time adventuring down the lanes, into Hove, down the High-street, tasting some Brighton eateries and generally enjoying being away from home. 

Beki Xo

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