Boots Botanics Ionic Face Mask Review

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Only recently have a started to venture out into the beauty product world. Il be honest and say I've always kept to the three main "need me products" those being a great; exfoliator, moisturiser & cleanser. You'd think after studying Beauty Therapy (years ago) id be product mad but after having bad luck with products that claim to this and that, i usually shrug off the latest skin fad and stick to what i know. Until i became a blogger.

After reading tons of reviews on Boot's own brand beauty product line Botanics, i thought id try and test a couple products myself, starting with the Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. My skin is combination and i tend to break out easily so i deep cleansing mask sounded like the perfect product to try first. Not to mention the fact i got a little excited over the fact the ingredients "exhibit a low electrical charge" to help pull out the impurities.

The product itself was a little watery than i had expected but after applying it to my face (avoiding the usually eye and hair contact) it didn't slip and felt thicker. The tube says to leave it on for 10 minutes but i figured just to leave it on till it had fully dried. 
Its the kind of face mask that tightens the skin and feels like you've had a sudden shot of Botox. It felt like the tightening was helping to detox my skin and withdraw the dirt and grime it collects wearing makeup etc.
After washing it off  i was pretty surprised to notice any blackheads had gone, my skin felt super soft, any breakouts had calmed and my face had an overall glow!

Overall this product is highly recommended especially for those with clogged pores and after finding it actually works il think i will be venturing out to try more of the Boots Botanics range.
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  1. Oooh I'll have to take a look at this. I used to live Botanics' pore perfecting mousse, but they've got rid of it since the rebrand : ( x

  2. Oooh 'low electrical charge' sounds interesting haha! My skin is awful at the minute, so this mask sounds brilliant!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog lovey, I'm following yours now :)
    Rachelle x

  3. Sounds so awesome!!too bad I don´t leave in the UK =( I was back in June a few days over there and I bought some botanics stuffs. I just did a review in my blog about them, in case you are interested and you want to check =)

    I'm following also!=)

  4. Boots Botanics range is just amazing. Seriously need to try this I need to get rid of my pores! <3

  5. Haha the electrical charge would have drawn me in too!
    This sounds great, I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the review :)
    emmerliejay x