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Finally I've gone bold and added a touch of fearful red into my wardrobe or a touch of Wheres Wally, depending g on how you look at it. I wore this outfit yesterday to run some errands around town as its super comfortable and perfectly suited to this on and off Summer/Autumn weather we're having at the minute.

I don't actually own any red in my wardrobe and id usually stay well away from mixing with red stripes. (You know the whole body conscious widening effect its said to have) However it actually works at balancing out my figure and adds a bit more texture to the outfit in total. The arms of the jumper are actually full sleeve but i always tend to roll anything full sleeve up, mainly for comfort reasons but i also think the red top may look a little too much if the sleeves where pulled all the way down.

As for the jewellery, I picked up the gold bunting necklace from Dorothy Perkins last week, Ive seen quiet a few of these spiked triangle necklaces however this is by far my favorite as the gold has a slight rosy tint and the chain isn't too chunky. Full colored rose jewellery seems to be filtering out at the moment, the pinkness of it suits all types of skin tones as well as being that little bit different so I'll be looking to grab a few pieces over the next month!

Beki Xo

If you read my first beauty review on the "Boots Botanics Ionic Face Mask" you'll know that ive only recently started putting my faith back into beauty products. And after having such a great experience with the Botanics face mask i figurued id try a couple more of their beauty products and my review is a pretty interesting one.

I picked up the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream hoping that on the off chance it would give my skin the boost of brightness that it needs. The cream itself is thick and unlike your average moisturiser is pink in colour. At first i actually used it as a day cream as my skin is quite dry in areas and its a fact that night moisturisers are more nourishing therefor they leave my skin hydrated for longer. However trying to apply makeup over this is a nightmare and leaves it blotchy. So for just over a week i have been using it for its purpose of being a night cream. (Its a strange one) After applying and noticing how quickly it sinks into my skin it doesnt actually leave the skin feeling too moisturised, which being a night cream you would expect to be a little thicker on the skin. However i did notice that in the morning my skin DID look brighter and less rough which (if you think about it) is exactly what its meant to do. And even though it says nothing about it i think its helped my skin with calming and soothing any breakouts as my skin has been fully clear since using it! All in all id give it a score of 4/5.

Ive also ventured out into using the Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On which for the past week ive been raving about it to my friends. Unlike most eye roll-ons that are liquid based and leave you looking like youve just finished watching the end of "The Notebook". This particular eye brightener is gel based product and contains one of natures best brightening boosters, the hibiscus plant. Which (que advertising background music) contains its own weak acid that sloughs off dead skin cells to freshen, brighten and plump your complexion. Ive been using it both morning and night and immediently saw a difference after the first use. The cool metal roll-on ball  helped fight puffiness under my eyes and i have noticed a major different with the lightening effect on my dark circles. It is a beauty must have and id give it a hyped score of 5/5.

Beki Xo
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Apologise for the little break I’ve had from blogging but to be honest my laptop is to blame. I swear that thing has a mind of its own. The frustration of wanting to post and not being able to is unreal, but I’m back and with quite a few posts lined up!

First off, outfit posting. I really like this outfit as the plain tee could be dressed more for going out with statement bold jewellery but as I wore it when meeting friends for a spot of retail therapy and a day time tipple or two I dressed it down. 

The skirt is one of my favourite purchases from Topshop’s boutique label “LOVE.” It’s different and  I like the way the pleats add texture to what would normally be a plain maxi/midi skirt. I’ve teamed it with worn-gold jewellery which I recently treated myself to the necklace from Urban Outfitters! Ive been eyeing it up for a while but resent paying their prices. However finding nothing THAT similar on the net i decided a treats a treat!

Maroon & emerald green shades are a favourite of mine and thank goodness high-street shops getting in their early (as per) with their Autumn/ Winter collections. Vero Moda is where I purchased the slouch emerald green tee and they have a great selection of plain, bold t-shirts at the minute. So much so I’m tempted to stock up as plain tee’s are a great canvas to throw on. 

Beki Xo

Only recently have a started to venture out into the beauty product world. Il be honest and say I've always kept to the three main "need me products" those being a great; exfoliator, moisturiser & cleanser. You'd think after studying Beauty Therapy (years ago) id be product mad but after having bad luck with products that claim to this and that, i usually shrug off the latest skin fad and stick to what i know. Until i became a blogger.

After reading tons of reviews on Boot's own brand beauty product line Botanics, i thought id try and test a couple products myself, starting with the Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. My skin is combination and i tend to break out easily so i deep cleansing mask sounded like the perfect product to try first. Not to mention the fact i got a little excited over the fact the ingredients "exhibit a low electrical charge" to help pull out the impurities.

The product itself was a little watery than i had expected but after applying it to my face (avoiding the usually eye and hair contact) it didn't slip and felt thicker. The tube says to leave it on for 10 minutes but i figured just to leave it on till it had fully dried. 
Its the kind of face mask that tightens the skin and feels like you've had a sudden shot of Botox. It felt like the tightening was helping to detox my skin and withdraw the dirt and grime it collects wearing makeup etc.
After washing it off  i was pretty surprised to notice any blackheads had gone, my skin felt super soft, any breakouts had calmed and my face had an overall glow!

Overall this product is highly recommended especially for those with clogged pores and after finding it actually works il think i will be venturing out to try more of the Boots Botanics range.
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