Vintage? Textiles? Interiors? Check. The largest amount of vintage jewelry anyone has ever seen in one place? Double Check. That place being Liverpools largest Vintage Fair set right in the heart of the City itself at the beautiful St George's Hall.

I was like a deer in headlights when i saw the huge amounts of vintage clothes hanging in front of me ready to be rummaged through. It was the longest room you'd ever seen with rails upon rails of clean cut tartan,  fur coats, wool jumpers, beautifully beaded skirts, 2 piece suits and a whole load of un-tampered antique dresses along side the odd stall selling bespoke reworked vintage items.

There was one stall that caught my eye with what could only be described as a Magpie's heaven. Jewelry dazzling in the perfectly placed spot light, piled up in worn wooden antique boxes stretched out across 3 tables. Of course i stood there for at least 10 minutes gorping and wondering weather to start from the left or the right and instead opted for the middle.

As well as vintage fashion stalls there were tables scattered with antique binoculars, old worn suitcases, beautiful white mirrors and large amounts of teacups and candles! One stall which lay delicious looking sandwiches, scones and cakes all neatly placed upon antique cake stands and surrounded by quaint little tea cups was unfortunately not for public tasting and where in-fact a display for a "Vintage Tea Party" business - a clever idea at that!

One of Liverpools best vintage markets by far with countless hours of rummaging and a beautiful place to group a whole load of antique!
Beki Xo

Teacups, fresh food, fur jackets, patterned dresses, vintage jewellery, macaroons, old binoculars and to top it off a cold but crisp sunny afternoon at the Altrincham Vintage Market.

A bustling array of market stalls that got every vintage villain wide eyed and giddy. It was busy as id expected from the weather being perfect which in Manchester, perfect equals not raining so you can imagine how many people had the same idea. And with the Entrance stalls selling a wide variety of food including cute iced cupcakes, jars of chutney and fresh bread, an array of countless curries as well as homemade soup, anyone who didn't know about the Market would of been attracted by the delicious smell.

But it was a pretty darn good market. The fact id already spent £170 mentally on a vintage tartan dress, old black type writer, antique 3 tone ring, white wooden jewellery box and a 1950's suitcase proved it. And so it was probably a good idea i didn't bring much cash in the first place, even though i'm fretting over not buying that fitted tartan number.

I did think some of the key items on the stalls where a little pricey but i guess some vintage is, especially when it is untouched and in perfect condition. But i suppose you could go and sulk in the pop up tea room, perfectly set up in the corner of the market. With tables draped in patterned cloth, set with a jar of wild flowers (There's a how-to recycle jars in the post below) and served in floral tea cups and matching cake plates.

And il let the photo's tell the rest!
Beki Xo

So lately, i have been going a little crazy with the craft glue, paint and scrap bits of material. That's not mentioning dousing the flat with wood dust and surgical spirit. But its all for a good little crafty cause, in the fact ive been able to add the most bespoke, useful and fun little objects to my home to create a vintage and bespoke style of interior! Therefor i'm dedicating a little blog post to let you in on some thrifty ideas to change junk into jewels and new into old (yes that way around!).

Providing your not going to read them again you can turn that old child hood or more recent book into some quirky storage by cutting a square in the middle of all the pages and gluing them down around the edges. That way you've created a secret little box you can put back on the shelf to hide your "bits and bobs" or lay on the coffee table to store your coasters!

Simple. Cracked your favorite mug you cant bare to throw away? Grab some waterproof glue, soil and a new house plant! Taa-dar.

There's 2 things that i love to do when recycling old jars. The first is to fill them with vintage buttons or seaside shells add a little ribbon and place them on a shelf. Its in instant unique twist on recycling! The other is to use them as vases but dont just leave them plain! Bows, gems, buttons, old pennies, paint, faux flowers, beads are just a few things your can add to create a one off vase!

Pretty used perfume bottle sitting on your shelf but cannot bare to throw it away? Throw away the top grab yourself some clear craft glue, a faux flower and any thing to add into the glue (glitter, beads, faux petals, food coloring, etc) - fill the bottle with the glue and anything extra place the faux flower into the bottle and wait for glue to dry and appear like water!

We've all use shoe boxes at some point as storage to put back into cupboards, under the bed or behind the door. But what about showing off your storage and making it into a feature! Just by draping them in some vintage fabric, pretty wallpaper or a whole load of buttons and some glue. You can pile these pretties up in the corner of the room and make them into a bespoke little feature.


The best type of candle jars to use for this are the ones like what Yankee Candles sit in. Simply when you've finished the candle pour hot water into the jar to melt the wax and pour out. Add some soil and a plant of your choice and pop the lid back on! The plans will always have moisture from the condensation produced with the lid shut. And they look super cute on table tops!
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