Key Items Of A Vintage Villain

Friday, January 20, 2012
If your a vintage enthusiast then you may already have these key items hidden amongst the rest of your thrift-ed and reworked finds!
But if your looking to mix up your high-street style or just want something to retro out your wardrobe, then i have been on the hunt for the key vintage items that should be hanging from your coat hooks, cluttering your clothes rail and styling out your bedroom door. And you can grab most of them off Ebay!

1940's Tea Dress - Dita Von Teese is a preacher of this style dress and all vintaqe folk swear by its fitted shape and instant retro style. Its A-line nipped in waist style flaunts and adds curves giving you that desired 1940 hour glass figure.

School Satchel - They've been "on trend" for over a year now but they are still a must have in your bag collection! With their briefcase design its an instant vintage style accessory. Buy in brown and grab some sandpaper for that worn out extra retro look.

Knitted Jumper - Quirky old school designs and luxurious little knits that are now over priced on the high-street. That's always a reason to grab a vintage jumper while you can, its real retro, expensive knit and a one off piece, not mention a great yearly buy for those cold Mornings.

Half Tint Sunglasses - Rock out in retro style through out the year in some half tint vintage sunglasses. The flattering instant vintage style adds a touch of old school glamour to any outfit and is a must have in a vintage villains wardrobe! For extra Glamour Puss style grab a pair of Chanel Half Tint lookalike's.

1930 Brogue Heels - A classic masculine twist on a feminine shoe! Perfect pair of detailed dark brown brogues teamed with a pair of opaque tights look like instant smart/casual vintage chic!

Fur Coat - The ultimate person dedicated to vintage owns a fur coat! Vintage fur coats are a hec' of alot cheaper than ones high-street and its cute to know that this once was worth a fortune and kept someone else warm in winter and now...its yours.

Polka Dot - Something polka dot with a flash of red and your screaming instant Pin Up. Team a black and white dress with a red belt and red lips and your usual vintage style has just been Glammed up! Own IT.

Gold Brooch - Just by fastening a golden brooch to a scarf or pinning it on a jacket you can "down-date" your style with a cross between granny sheek and a vintage touch!
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  1. the polka dot dress is so cute!


  2. Isnt it just, I have my eye on a similar one off Ebay! x

  3. This is such a brilliant idea for a post! The satchel is gorgeous! xxx

  4. Where could I find the Chanel lookalike half tint sunglasses? Thank you!! x

    1. You can get them on EBay super cheap here -