Yes, Summer has finally disappeared and the week we had of that rare sunny weather was enjoyable but give me my thick fur coat, wooly scarf, heavenly sleep and a hot cup of tea any day of the year.
And since its pretty much assured we're into Autumn/Winter a little earlier this year id figured id give you a personal "Wondering Winter" list of Manchester's famous Vintage and Bespoke shops and whats best to get from where when it comes to Autumn/Winter.

Ryan Vintage - One of the largest vintage stores in Manchester
Great for buying - Fur/wool coats, aviator jackets and cow boy boots
If you havent been then you've all at least heard about London being pretty darn perfect when it comes to Vintage Shopping, with the likes of Alexa Chung, Peaches Geldof, Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne being practically attatched at the seams to the quirky little stores.
A Date for your Diary...If your a lover of reworked or second hand vintage, a keen seamstress who wants to get your hands on some antique fabric or one of those folk who carefully seek out couture designer items for less than buck.

The North-West have you all in mind and have come together to host a Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair at The  Armitage Centre, Fallowfield, Manchester.

Stallholders are laying out a vintage spread to rival any other, with Wedding Dresses, Vintage Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes, Bespoke Antique Materials and a Seamstresses favorite components - buttons.

And if your already thinking that is more types of vintage than you can ask for. Its not.
There will also be auctions for those collectors and lovers of all things dated, a game of treasure hunting, restoring classes and cupcake treats!

Finally we can wrap our fashion talons round more seasonal vintage goodies!

This Saturday (6th Aughust) Vintage Threads are back and with a rather sneaky vintage vengance, holding an eccentric vintage sale in the Circle Club Manchester, situated in Barton Arcade.

Vintage Threads promise you'll walk into a basement overflowing with fab, unique vintage pieces that will see you through Summer and Spring! And theres not just a little something for the Ladies this time, Men aswell should be getting excited as your also able to trawl through the treasure box of Hunting coats, Jumpers, Jackets and Bags!

Grab your purses at the ready.
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