When it comes to searching out a great jewellery find, I for one insist on walking into every shop on the highstreet, flea market and back lanes, just to find a unique vintage looking piece of jewellery to fasten on, admire and show off.
But to be honest if you want a one off bespoke piece thats either real vintage or has a vintage look, the best place to get is online and its probably alot cheaper.

No Sewing Machines Included.
You pick out a beautifully printed 1960's tea dress from the vintage boutique around the corner, but it looks a little plain, the pockets are too wide and it doesnt nip in at the waist. Whatever you do, do not skip to the next rail. Apart from a little tweeking and adding abit more of a classic shape there's nothing wrong with it right?
There are only a small handful of places around England that can guarantee a Vintage shopping experience.  One of those places is Manchester. 
With an array of shop to quench your vintage tickling taste buds and genuine cupcake and coffee shops to actually do so. Manchester isn’t one to miss out on if you want to find that one off woven handbag or tea dress.

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