Wednesday, August 31, 2011
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Yes, Summer has finally disappeared and the week we had of that rare sunny weather was enjoyable but give me my thick fur coat, wooly scarf, heavenly sleep and a hot cup of tea any day of the year.
And since its pretty much assured we're into Autumn/Winter a little earlier this year id figured id give you a personal "Wondering Winter" list of Manchester's famous Vintage and Bespoke shops and whats best to get from where when it comes to Autumn/Winter.

Ryan Vintage - One of the largest vintage stores in Manchester
Great for buying - Fur/wool coats, aviator jackets and cow boy boots

Pop Boutique - Vintage Chain around Britain
Great for buying - Scarfs and reworked vintage dresses

Huk - Under Afflecks Palace 
Great for buying - Dresses and Playsuits in those Autumn burnt colours

Blue Rinse - Popular Vintage Store in Manchester
Great for buying - Thick cardigans and other chunky knits

Retro Rehab - Also have a concessions stand in Topshop Arndale
Great for buying - Vintage style dresses and patterned knits

Wonderland - Across from Afflecks Palace
Great for buying - Hats, vintage handbags and chunky vintage knits

Thunder Egg - Unique style clothing and accessory shop
Great for buying - 3/4 sleeve dresses, cozy jumpers and knitted cardigans

Oxfam Originals - Chain Store
Great for buying - Practically everything! Knits, trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts, bags.....

Happy Seasonal Vintage Shopping!
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