Monday, June 27, 2011

If you havent yet discovered the artist and designer Lorna Lucas then your home is silently crying out for one of her beautiful and affordable pieces!

 I first discovered her collection of bespoke prints at one of the largest vintage shops in Manchester - Ryan Vintage. Who continuously stock fresh new pieces from her collection "Gods and other animals" every time I go and rummage through the rails and homeware.

 Her most popular design to date is the eponymous Wideboy loveseat. Designed and conceived in 2004 , this is a flamboyant oversized armchair which combines traditional detailing with modern dimensions and fabrics, a trademark in Lorna’s work

 Her prints are mainly based on animals, non in specific but I adore the deer and bird designs. Her screen and photographic prints are incorporated into her customized vintage pieces and printed leather, steel, mirror and fabric are used in her accessories. Framed prints are available in a selection of sizes and the nature of her print work means that no two pieces are alike!

So please go discover this incredible treasure!
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  3. The quality and lastingness is excellent, colors are vibrant and neat, i really liked that bespoke print and would love to see this painting in my room, thanks for sharing this nice post.

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