Vintage Life Magazine

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you have a love for all things kitsch and retro, and you haven’t yet discovered the lovely likes of Vintage Life Magazine then you need to get your glamour-puss paws on a copy and fast!

This wonderful monthly magazine features articles on “vintage style, fashion, hair, beauty, house and home, music and film”. From the classic 1920’s straight through to the 1970’s all in one magazine!

Vintage Life brings vintage full circle and reintroducing the past into present. So either pop into your local WHSmiths on the last Thursday of every months or subscribe online at and discover the next issue!

“Now 84 pages long, issue 8 brings you a wonderful 12 page wedding special, regular contributor Aya Smith takes a look at how to dress in vintage while preparing to be a mother and Marilyn Huttunen discusses the 'green' advantages of dressing vintage!” - VintageLifeMagazine
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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the look of this! Thank you for sharing, I never bother looking for smaller magazines in WHSmith but this looks right up my street :) xxx

  2. woow thank-you for the hint :) looks pretty good to me ! x x

  3. vintage life is printed in my town! and i love the magazine :) i've been getting it since they started published proper copies :) x

  4. yay for vintage life! We had a little ad in the back of last month's mag (in the top picture one!)See if you can spot us ;) x

  5. This looks right up my street! I have never heard of this magazine before - so thank you for posting and sharing x

  6. i found this relevant on vintage clothing..
    keep posting these blogs..
    i like this and thanks for this..