Wanting something a little quirky and vintage style for NYE. This is your perfect outfit. Keep warm styled in a 3/4 sleeve blazar with vintage button detail and quirk it up with pair of opaque heart printed tights! Add a touch of festivity with berry coloured shorts and flash of colour/print with a leopard print satchel. Don a pair of simple black block heels and possibly a flash of coloured nail varnish and your Good To Go.

Vintage style Bra-lett - Topshop - £20
Berry High waisted shorts - MissSelfridge - £30
Leopard Print Satchel - Urban Outfitters - £140
3/4 Sleeve Black Blazar - Topshop - £40
Suede Black Heel Boots - Newlook - £29.99 Now £14.99
Opaque Heart Printed Tights - Missguided  -£7.99

We are only 3 weeks away from Christmas or at least that’s what I’ve been told by every pop up and banner Ad on the Internet. But this Christmas, rather than frantically search the usual High-Street shops for the “perfect” gift, I have decided to break even and have joined the ‘mouse clicking forces’ of the Online Shoppers.

"Vintage decor of something quirky, something new, something vintage and something blue"

Based on Edge Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter is a little Bake House and Coffee Bar that literally as its name suggests, a piece of Home Sweet Home. Id heard nothing but great things about this little hidden coffee corner and so had to try for myself, and boy 'o' boy was i impressed.
Its like bespoke heaven and Vintage Christmas come early all rolled into one.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride is pretty damn popular blog and if you haven’t already heard of it, Im guessing it’s because you’re not yet getting married and therefore haven’t even “Googled” the word.

Recently I’ve began to part from the usual popular vintage stores in Manchester’s Northern Quarter because frankly, I haven’t stepped foot into some of the bespoke independent retailers for a quite a while and yet I live so close.

To all you jewellery hoarders who crave a one off piece of something vintage, something new , something bespoke or something blue. Ive torn myself away from the usual large vintage/ high-street online stores and decided to find the ones that dont get much attention or are little more hidden away than others.
If your like me and prefer bespoke independent cafe's over the usual over crowded and personally over rated coffee chains, that you have to try these.

Patchwork cafe
in Port St Mary near to Castletown
A cute, bright and characterful tearoom serving both hot/cold food and beverages from teacups and cake to squash and fresh sandwiches Set in the heart of Port St Mary with a vintage style cottage feel, with creative bunting touches and friendly staff, its a thrifty little tearoom.

Yes, Summer has finally disappeared and the week we had of that rare sunny weather was enjoyable but give me my thick fur coat, wooly scarf, heavenly sleep and a hot cup of tea any day of the year.
And since its pretty much assured we're into Autumn/Winter a little earlier this year id figured id give you a personal "Wondering Winter" list of Manchester's famous Vintage and Bespoke shops and whats best to get from where when it comes to Autumn/Winter.

Ryan Vintage - One of the largest vintage stores in Manchester
Great for buying - Fur/wool coats, aviator jackets and cow boy boots
If you havent been then you've all at least heard about London being pretty darn perfect when it comes to Vintage Shopping, with the likes of Alexa Chung, Peaches Geldof, Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne being practically attatched at the seams to the quirky little stores.
A Date for your Diary...If your a lover of reworked or second hand vintage, a keen seamstress who wants to get your hands on some antique fabric or one of those folk who carefully seek out couture designer items for less than buck.

The North-West have you all in mind and have come together to host a Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair at The  Armitage Centre, Fallowfield, Manchester.

Stallholders are laying out a vintage spread to rival any other, with Wedding Dresses, Vintage Clothes, Jewellery, Shoes, Bespoke Antique Materials and a Seamstresses favorite components - buttons.

And if your already thinking that is more types of vintage than you can ask for. Its not.
There will also be auctions for those collectors and lovers of all things dated, a game of treasure hunting, restoring classes and cupcake treats!

Finally we can wrap our fashion talons round more seasonal vintage goodies!

This Saturday (6th Aughust) Vintage Threads are back and with a rather sneaky vintage vengance, holding an eccentric vintage sale in the Circle Club Manchester, situated in Barton Arcade.

Vintage Threads promise you'll walk into a basement overflowing with fab, unique vintage pieces that will see you through Summer and Spring! And theres not just a little something for the Ladies this time, Men aswell should be getting excited as your also able to trawl through the treasure box of Hunting coats, Jumpers, Jackets and Bags!

Grab your purses at the ready.
For all you vintage villains and Manchester fasionistas who crave everything second hand and reworked. Have i got news for you!

Well known brand and bespoke event planners "Munkispanner" are bringing you "1000 volts of vintage".  Markets will line Thomas street and be filled with all things vintage inspired with handmade clothes, accessories, bricabrac, handmade products and gifts!

If you havent yet discovered the artist and designer Lorna Lucas then your home is silently crying out for one of her beautiful and affordable pieces!

 I first discovered her collection of bespoke prints at one of the largest vintage shops in Manchester - Ryan Vintage. Who continuously stock fresh new pieces from her collection "Gods and other animals" every time I go and rummage through the rails and homeware.

 Her most popular design to date is the eponymous Wideboy loveseat. Designed and conceived in 2004 , this is a flamboyant oversized armchair which combines traditional detailing with modern dimensions and fabrics, a trademark in Lorna’s work

 Her prints are mainly based on animals, non in specific but I adore the deer and bird designs. Her screen and photographic prints are incorporated into her customized vintage pieces and printed leather, steel, mirror and fabric are used in her accessories. Framed prints are available in a selection of sizes and the nature of her print work means that no two pieces are alike!

So please go discover this incredible treasure!

For you vintage villians who have drooled over the webpages of the Lucy In Disguise site or have even gone as far as looking at train tickets to London to just be able to step into the store and rummage through their beautiful vintage pieces. STOP.
Liverpool is known for having small corners of vintage boutiques hidden amongst it’s rather large and hectic High street.

And even though it’s the biggest vintage shop in Liverpool and a favourite of Alexa Chung,  not many know about the one-of-a-kind retro delight named "Raiders".

Manchester never fails to impress us with its delightful designer ways, vast vintage and its iconic individuality.

And it certainly lived up to its talented reputation when subculture brand “Munkispanner” hosted an Xpose Yourself event at Manchester’s underground music venue – The Ruby Lounge.
The underground bar was transformed into a museum of creative talent for burlesque performers, live artists, fire performers, live music and latex donned hostesses.

If you have a love for all things kitsch and retro, and you haven’t yet discovered the lovely likes of Vintage Life Magazine then you need to get your glamour-puss paws on a copy and fast!

This wonderful monthly magazine features articles on “vintage style, fashion, hair, beauty, house and home, music and film”. From the classic 1920’s straight through to the 1970’s all in one magazine!

Just one tweet and....

Retro Candy, Cake, Arts & Crafts, Alcohol, Vintage Clothes and dozens of stalls opened by the Local Cafes, Boutiques and Restaurants….Oh and absolutely no talk of  “The Wedding” what so ever. 

Manchester’s 1940s Northern Quarter Street Party had a pretty good turn out and a delightfully dressed up one at that! There were a mix of those dipping their toes into 1940’s dress and those who plunged straight in! Bunting was strung across the street, market stalls lined the pavements and in the centre laid an endlessly large row of tables placed in the middle of the action.

Entertainment was far from little with the
Busker’s Bandstand featuring a mix of folk bands and magicians and Local artists showcased their work in a series of live art performances. Later on in the day Manchester’s finest independent boutiques were able to strut their clothes down a catwalk which you were available for sale afterwards and  the ‘Red Arrows’ took to the streets with a bang!

But the entertainment didn’t stop there, with charity tombola, pass the parcel and the biggest treasure hunt round Manchester’s Northern Quarter, what better way to get to know the locals and lovers of the city than celebrating the independent parts of Manchester NQ with the whole lot?

It definitely made an impression on those who visit and those who live here. Lets hope for another one next year?

Who was Involved?

Strut back into the 1960's to 1970's, take off your heels, throw on some flat sandles and be inspired by hippy bohemian vintage. The style thats inspired by Gypsy, African, Indian and Native American traditional dress and tribal symbols.
Every woman should marvel at the site of beautifully stitched lace upon silk, with touches of diamonte or charms arranged in the most flattering way.
 Treating yourself to some Vintage Style underwear is a must. You will find that there are an array of different styles, shapes, sizes, materials, patterns, straps and detailing. But it has to be said styling yourself vintage under it all couldnt possibly get any better.

There are plenty of hidden vintage and handmade boutiques about, but sometimes the problem is they’re too well hidden.  One boutique I have to share with you is this little treasure that recently arrived in Affleck’s Palace in Manchester.

When it comes to searching out a great jewellery find, I for one insist on walking into every shop on the highstreet, flea market and back lanes, just to find a unique vintage looking piece of jewellery to fasten on, admire and show off.
But to be honest if you want a one off bespoke piece thats either real vintage or has a vintage look, the best place to get is online and its probably alot cheaper.

No Sewing Machines Included.
You pick out a beautifully printed 1960's tea dress from the vintage boutique around the corner, but it looks a little plain, the pockets are too wide and it doesnt nip in at the waist. Whatever you do, do not skip to the next rail. Apart from a little tweeking and adding abit more of a classic shape there's nothing wrong with it right?
There are only a small handful of places around England that can guarantee a Vintage shopping experience.  One of those places is Manchester. 
With an array of shop to quench your vintage tickling taste buds and genuine cupcake and coffee shops to actually do so. Manchester isn’t one to miss out on if you want to find that one off woven handbag or tea dress.

First thought? Dita Von Teese - most beautiful naturally looking woman committed to Burlesque dancing and the 1940's vintage style. Second thought? The only theatrical entertainment that requires very little clothing and lots of red lipstick. However fashion today and back then has always been inspired by the erotic dress sense of Burlesque dancers.

Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music and emerged in the early 1950s. Its pretty much a mixture of looks from the 1940/1950s rock and country scene. The Rockabilly scene has always been a mishmash of all the trends from the 50's, There was the less rebellious look sporting sweaters and pencil skirts, A total opposite to the one which I prefer being the more harder edge look of jeans, leather and tattoos. 
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