If you follow me on social media you'll know that less than 3 months ago I finally moved into a house! It's feels incredible to actually own MY home and get busy making it exactly how I've always wanted. In the run up to buying the house I'd fell deep, deep into Pinterest (which I still do every so often) and there for had all my home decor inspiration ready and waiting to be put to creative use. You'll find my board >here<

It's only been 2.5 months and (as always) we've done a hell of a lot of work, which probably had something to do with going heavy on the home front in the first few weeks with a massive help from my Dad. Before we moved in it was basically a shell with just the necessities. And although living with no flooring, on a make shift couch and with cardboard boxes littering the room was kind of fun for the first few weeks... it was stressful and not that comfy or 'homely'. 

But now we're getting there. There's still a handful of things to do on the ground floor but it's pretty much there with the spare room being next and then the bedroom! 

So all though I don't feel comfortable posting dozens of full photos of my home on the internet, I thought I'd share with you guys just a few sneak peeks of our Scandinavian-esque style. 

Beki Xo

Healthy Oven Roasted Vegetable Crisps Recipe

I have to say that vegetable crisps are a major weakness of mine. I can't resist a packet when I grab a coffee to go or a shelf lunch. However, as healthy as those factory packed bags of vegetable crisp sound, they're drenched in sunflower oil and (surprising for some) most are hand fried... yes, fried. So, although I'd never cut those oil dipped crunchy vegetable crisp out of my life, I thought I try my own healthier version. And just as the internet suggests, they're stupidly easy to make and so god damn tasty... I wish I had made more.

To make oven roasted vegetable crisp you'll need to pick your root vege. I went for sweet potatoe, beetroot (my favourite) and parsnip. I'd also add carrots but I didn't have any!

You'll also need:
1 drizzle of oil (any of your choice)
1 large pinch of salt
1 pinch of freshly grinded pepper
1 large pinch of chilli flakes (or any spice/ herbs of your choice)

And of course a vegetable peeler (to make things easier) or a very sharp knife.

Firstly preheat your oven to 180c

If you're using beetroot you'll want to leave this vegetable as the last to peel due to it's stain crazy nature, you don't want it marking all your vegetables with its... juices *shudder*

If you're using a vegetable peeler then this is the easiest way to ensure all your vege shavings are the perfect thickness and all uniform. However if you're like me and you've lost your peeler or simply don't own one then you'll want to lightly shave your vegetables by popping your knife at a 160 degree angle and slowly pulling your knife across.

Remember that these guys shrink in the oven so don't think you've done too many when you fill 2 foil lined baking trays... because (as I found out) you've not!

For the next stage I kept my beetroot separate from my sweet potatoe and parsnip, simply because this root vege contains more water and I didn't want this colouring my other vegetables!

Pop your vege onto a foil lined baking tray and add your flavouring. Oil will help to crisp up your vegetables so add a small drizzle, along with a large pinch of salt, some pepper and your flavourings (I chose chilli flakes). Massage this into your vege shavings so they're all evenly coated. 

Before you pop your vegetables into the oven you need to spread them out evenly so they're not over lapping.

Pop them into the preheated oven, on the middle shelf for approx 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

If they're golden and curling up but still look oily or uncooked, don't worry as they'll crisp up when they're cooling!

When they're golden pop the oven tray on a cooling rack and leave to cool/crisp for 5-10 minutes.

Add your crisp into a snack bowl and that's it.


Beki Xo

The Dogs of Milan 

About 10 hours ago I landed back in England after an incredible 4 days in Lake Como, Italy (apologies to anyone who was rolling their eyes at my daily Instagram posts but the place is beautiful). 

We stayed in Lecco and visited, Malgrate, Varenna, Piani D'Erna and on our last day... Milan.

Milan has never been a place I've been desperate to go but we were interested to see what it was all about and wanted tick it off of our travel list!

It's a city that looks just like any other when you step off of the train however 20 minutes down the road and just left down a side street it's a completely different place. This place is the fashion district where a bright pink carpet lined the streets of the fashion houses for breast cancer awareness.

Of course along with the high fashion and the designer street style came the the four legged friends. It's funny, only I could visit Milan's most famous streets and Cathedrals and end up taking photos of dogs. But as a bit of fun I thought I'd compile my favourite photos of the street doggy style (sorry, I had too) in Milan...

Beki Xo

I know it's weird right?

I stumbled across MSmask Wow! Peel Off Lip Stain whilst I was hunting down the perfect long lasting lip colour. I wanted something that I could wear throughout the day that didn’t add a thick ‘layer’ of anything to my lips but lasted long enough for it to wear off nicely throughout the day. 

I scrolled through an insane amount of lip stains, sticks, gels, liquids, felt tips and serums before I stumbled across a ‘peel off lip stain’ that labelled itself as a ‘lip stain waterproof tattoo’. My instant thought was that peel off temporary tattoos (from what I can remember) stick around for quite a while before having to really scrub them off, so for under £2 (on Amazon UK) I thought I'd give it a try!

The product itself is very popular in South Korea and comes in a range of 6 shades from a light pink to a deep dark red. It has a squeezable, angled applicator that allows you to apply the sticky gel product straight to your lips without any additional tools. However, I prefer to use a lip brush as it creates a neater line around the lips. Below you’ll see I’ve applied the first shade with the applicator and the second with the brush so you to see the difference. 

Before you apply the stain you need to make sure your lips are clean and free from any products or oils. It also advises that the product should not be applied to very dry or chapped lips as it could not only sting but the out come could be patchy as the product does settle into the lip lines.

The consistency of the stain is incredibly sticky so when applying it's best to squeeze the amount into the corner and drag it across the lips. The applicator on the end of the tube is quite large so although it makes it easier for applying the product evenly (the thicker you apply it the longer it takes to dry) it's a little tricky to get that neat outer edge. Be sure to have a makeup wipe handy in case it drips onto the skin or your hands as it does stain quickly!

Once you've applied the lip stain you need to leave it for approx 5-10 minutes to let it dry fully. I tend to finish my makeup or faff with whatever I need to do in this amount of time. You can usually tell that it's dry by stretching your lips in which the stain should 'roll down' the lip slightly.

I read countless reviews that said the peeling of the stain was painful but I'm not sure if they left it on for too long or if their lips where cracked before hand as it easily and painlessly peeled off of my lips.

I love the colour pay off of the stain. It's incredibly pigmented and although applied unevenly has left a faded line around the outer corners of my lips, which with a lighter pink shade would look incredibly natural. As for it's waterproof claims it doesn't transfer onto cups of coffee when drinking however does slowly fade throughout the day... which was exactly what I was looking for! To remove the product it's best to use an oil based makeup remover as i previously tried to remove with a makeup wipe and my lips still retained some colour.

Out of the two shades this has to be my favourites. It's a little brighter and more natural so to show you another way of applying it I used a lip brush...

It's so much easier using a lip brush as you only squeeze out enough product to fit on the brush and therefor don't risk product wastage, the product dripping onto your clothes or too much product being applied to the lips.

As you can see by using a lip brush you're able to create more of a neater and bolder liner of stain around the outer lips. So I guess if you're looking for a more natural lip you could using the tube applicator but if you're wanting a more dramatic or solid line then use a lip brush.

As soon as you've peeled off the product the stain is dry and you're ready to go. Just remember to check your teeth as from what you can see the stain can transfer during drying.

I personally think these products are great! Although their application may seem a little novelty it really helps your lips to soak in as much product as possible. Yes, they're a little messy and my finger tips were a little stained (without using a lip brush) but they're only under £2. And considering that price you can forgive their messy application as you rectify this by using a lip brush. 

I'm incredibly impressed with the longevity of the stain as well as the high pigmentation and evenly distributed colour. It doesn't dry out the lips and feels incredibly comfortable to wear, almost as though you're not wearing anything. The outcome feels very much high end and against a lot of reviews I personally had no stringing upon application or pain when peeling it off. 

The only negativity (aside from the application) I have of this product is that it is a stain so if you accidentally get it on your clothes... it isn't much fun.

Beki Xo
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